Sampling: What is the Meaning of Sampling?

  1. A simple definition of Sampling is: Sampling is a method used in the analysis of data in which pre-determined observations are obtained from a large population. The method used for sampling large populations depends on the nature of the analysis, but may include random sampling or systematic sampling.

    • Certified accountants conduct personal audits during the audit to determine the accuracy and completeness of the account balance.
    • Sample types include random sampling, block sampling, diagnostic sampling and organized sampling.
    • Companies use the sample as a marketing tool to determine their target market needs and requirements.

Meanings of Sampling

  1. The act or process of taking some samples for analysis.

  2. Techniques for digitally encoding music or sound and reusing them as part of synthesis or recording.

Sentences of Sampling

  1. Routine river sampling is done on a timeline basis

  2. Sampling brings old music to young people