Definition of Sample:

  1. A small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like.

  2. Take a sample or samples of (something) for analysis.

  3. Marketing: Entities or observations randomly selected to represent the behavior and characteristics of the entire group (batch, group, population, or universe) they are associated with or from which they are drawn. See also statistical sample.

  4. Sales: Item given or sold to a buyer that represents all such items pertaining to a deal, offer, shipment, or transaction. A sample establishes a standard of quality by which the rest of the items are judged, and may create an implied warranty that they will conform to this standard otherwise the producer or supplier may be held liable. Also called sales sample.

Synonyms of Sample

Representative, Illustrative, Selected, Specimen, Test, Trial, Typifying, Typical, Adjunct, Assay, Barometer, Bite, Bring to test, Canvass, Case, Case history, Characteristic, Component, Conduct a poll, Confirm, Constituent, Contingent, Cross section, Cut and try, Detachment, Detail, Distinctive, Distinguishing, Division, Dole, Element, Essay, Example, Exemplary, Experience, Experiment, Feeler, Fraction, Fragment, Give a try, Give a tryout, Have a go, Illustration, Illustrative, Indication, Individual, Installment, Item, Little bite, Little smack, Make a survey, Natural, Naturalistic, Nibble, Normal, Parcel, Part, Particular, Percentage, Piece, Pilot balloon, Play around with, Poll, Portion, Practice upon, Probe, Prove, Put to trial, Quadrant, Quarter, Questionnaire, Quintessential, Quota, Random sample, Realistic, Regular, Remainder, Representation, Representational, Representative, Research, Road-test, Run a sample, Sampler, Sampling, Savor, Section, Sector, Segment, Shake down, Share, Sign, Sip, Smack, Sound, Sounder, Specimen, Straw vote, Subdivision, Subgroup, Subspecies, Substantiate, Sup, Survey, Swatch, Taste, Taste of, Taster, Test, Trial, Trial balloon, True to form, True to type, Try, Try it on, Try out, Typal, Typic, Typical, Unit, Usual, Validate, Verify, Weather vane, Weathercock

How to use Sample in a sentence?

  1. The new company needed to get a sample of the customers they hoped to be supplying, so they conducted an anonymous survey online to get to understand their clients.
  2. Investigations involved analyzing samples of handwriting.
  3. When deciding what the appropriate route to take is make sure you have a big enough sample size to make your decision.
  4. Bone marrow cells were sampled.
  5. Some food companies will offer a sample of their food at grocery store so consumers will be able to taste the food and hopefully like it and buy it.

Meaning of Sample & Sample Definition

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Sample: What is the Meaning of Sample?

  • Definition of Sample: A sample is a small selection of a large group, intended to represent the characteristics of that group.

    Officials use population samples to better understand the general population and to help them make informed decisions by insurance companies.

Meanings of Sample

  1. Take a sample of (some) for analysis.

  2. A small portion or amount to show the whole appearance.

Sentences of Sample

  1. Bone marrow cells were removed

  2. Study with written sample analysis

Synonyms of Sample

cross section , part , bit , portion , unit , individual , representative , case history , sampling , constituent , pattern , piece , specimen , indication , fragment , morsel , exemplification , typification , sign , illustration , bite , element , instance , segment


Sample: What is the Meaning of Sample?

  1. A sample is a small extract from a large group to represent the characteristics of that group.

    Actuaries use ion samples to obtain information about large ions and to help them make informed decisions on behalf of the insurance company.

Meanings of Sample

  1. Small parts or money to show the whole part.

  2. Sound or music patterns

  3. Take one or more samples (some) for analysis.

  4. Set the instantaneous value of several times per second (analog signal) to convert the signal to digital form.

Sentences of Sample

  1. Bone marrow cells have been removed.

  2. The input signal must be twice the maximum frequency.