Same Brand Different Flavor Dog Food

Same Brand Different Flavor Dog Food

I ate dog food today, the taste is the same, but different. Will it make my dog ​​sick?

This will not happen unless you are really sensitive.

Same Brand Different Flavor Dog Food

Same Brand Different Flavor Dog Food

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Not usually, change doesn't make you nauseous ... but if you have any other food left over, mix it up with new food first and change it up a bit. I have a dog that doesn't want to eat anything new; others like it when they move things. Base oils and blends should not be changed too much as they will maintain the same quality. Thanks good question!

Generally, it is recommended to keep the dog's food the same when changing, but also to mix some of the new food with it until the dog gets used to the new food.

I think it can cause stomach upset in dogs. The probability depends on the sensitivity of the dog's stomach.


Because you can't turn around suddenly. They should move a little bit. Try it: If you feed it to a dog, take a dog food table from your plate and replace it with dog food. Do this for a few days, increasing the amount of food and decreasing the amount of dog food in the bowl. Do this until you have eaten dog food. The same is true when you buy a dog from a pet store or grocery store. It is said that if a dog feeds pedigree pulps when you buy them, but you do not want to feed pedigree pulps, go to Porina One for example, your dog will have stomach ache and diarrhea! You should allow your dog to get into the habit of eating, as leaving early can be a nuisance. PS: I don't feed my dog ​​or my pedigree or Purina One dogs, these are just examples. Oh, and you can buy Shimako socks for your dog. By the way, Shamakos are a great treat for dogs, if you don't know.

Well, I did it with my dog.

For example, the last time you fed Merck Wilderness Blend. I brought a sample of Merck and they liked it, so I bought a bag. No crossing. There is no escape.

Unless your dog is very sensitive, I suspect this is a problem.

In fact, I think people put more pressure and gradually increase their dog's diet. And I think that's just the problem with sensitive dogs.

I changed from lamb and rice to chicken and rice a few months ago just to give Percy some variety. I immediately. He regretted it. However, my dog ​​has a very sensitive stomach, so he ate Cal Knight's broth and rice and had severe diarrhea for several days before getting used to the change.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. All you have to do is worry about changing your dog's diet, but that's one thing. Your butterfly will not get sick. : Come back

Same Brand Different Flavor Dog Food

Same Brand Different Flavor Dog Food

Some dogs may be more sensitive than others. I will take good care of your dog. If you leave your dog alone during the day, don't worry if he has an accident when you go. Dietary changes can sometimes lead to breakdowns.

This does not mean that it is only a part of the taste, as long as there is no difference in the way the food is prepared. I always buy food for my dogs because they like it.

My dog ​​likes to eat and doesn't need to eat a slow, soaked rat.

I don't think your dog will get sick from eating any other way. You will probably appreciate the variety.

I wouldn't say that unless your dog has a medical problem and a sensitive digestive system. They probably won't tell the difference.

Same Brand Different Flavor Dog Food