Definition of Salvage:

  1. Save a shipwreck or its cargo.

  2. Recover or discard, convicted, damaged, damaged, lost, incomplete, obsolete or used items for recycling, reproduction, recovery, reuse or disposal

  3. Property that is worth more than the outstanding value, but will no longer be useful for real-time use.

  4. Avoid damage to the sea (ship or cargo sank or damaged).

Synonyms of Salvage

Restitution, Rebate, Storage, Salvation, Reclaiming, Requital, Remuneration, Amends, Portage, Environmental conservation, Recover, Requitement, Premium, Consideration, Charge-off, Preservation, Depreciation, Liberation, Dues, Safekeeping, Reclaim, Wharfage, Extract, Pilotage, Discount, Revindication, Replevin, Resumption, Redress, Price-cut, Blood money, Reclamation, Wetlands conservation, Win back, Support, Retrieval, Recompense, Setoff, Raising, Retaking, Wildlife conservation, Fare, Reward, Replevy, Honorarium, Underselling, Tare, Recuperation, Entrance fee, Tret, Liberate, Atonement, Soil conservation, Water conservation, Saving, Satisfaction, Damages, Conservancy, Shot, Reclamation, Solatium, Lifesaving, Salve, Redeem, Restoration, Reinstate, Drawback, Regainment, Conservation, Recoup, Deliverance, Cover charge, License fee, Restore, Reoccupation, Recovery, Retrieve, Bank discount, Repossession, Redemption, Conservationism, Rebatement, Fee, Deduction, Indemnity, Write-off, Release, Recapture, Percentage, Return, Exactment, Reclaim, Forest management, Penalty clause, Dockage, Admission, Guerdon, Upkeep, Kickback, Charge, Hire, Recover, Rescue, Recovery, Stream conservation, Quittance, Reduction, Admission fee, Salvation, Refund, Agio, Time discount, Price, Trade discount, Brokerage, Forest conservation, Compensation, Freeing, Carfare, Retake, Anchorage, Rollback, Price reduction, Rescue, Charges, Toll, Chain discount, Scot and lot, Towage, Breakage, Reparation, Cash discount, Retribution, Extricate, Trover, Maintenance, Scot, Penalty, Allowance, Deliver, Concession, Extrication, Rescue, Meed, Wergild, Restoration, Set free, Indemnification, Retrieve, Preserval, Delivery, Keeping, Abatement, Recoupment, Smart money, Save, Recycle, Cellarage, Free, Exaction, Revival, Ransom, Regain, Saving, Get back, Protection, Save, Raise, Demand, Cut

How to use Salvage in a sentence?

  1. If your product expires, try your best to fix even a fraction of your costs.
  2. Rescue services try to save the day by picking up gold coins from an abandoned ship on the sea floor.
  3. The rescue operation is underway.
  4. Gold and emerald crosses were found on the remains.
  5. After the accident, my car was so badly damaged that it never worked again, so we had to collect scrap metal to sell.

Meaning of Salvage & Salvage Definition