Salvage Vehicle

Salvage Vehicle,

Salvage Vehicle: What is the Meaning of Salvage Vehicle?

  • A vehicle for which the state has issued recovery documents. This title is usually issued when the vehicle is being repaired and a government-approved safety check is passed upon receipt of the total loss reported by the insurance company, usually where The cost of repairs exceeds a certain percentage. Car price The rescue title informs potential car buyers of past losses.

Literal Meanings of Salvage Vehicle


Meanings of Salvage:
  1. Prevention of damage at sea (a sunken or incompetent ship or its cargo).

  2. Imprisonment and execution (suspected crimes) without trial

  3. Protect a sunken or damaged ship or cargo from damage at sea.

Sentences of Salvage
  1. A golden and emerald green mercury was recovered from the wreckage.

  2. The rescue operation is underway

Synonyms of Salvage

save, reinstate, saving, recovery, raising, reclaim, restore, recover, get back, salvation, reclamation, retrieve, raise, rescue, restoration


Meanings of Vehicle:
  1. Items used to transport people or goods, especially on land, such as cars, trucks or carts.

  2. Something that is used to express, express, or achieve something.

  3. A movie, TV show, music, etc. The aim is to show the best artists.

Sentences of Vehicle
  1. Car skidding on the road

  2. I use the color of my thoughts as the color of the car.

  3. The celebrity car is one of the most popular features in Hollywood

Synonyms of Vehicle

machinery, structure, agency, mechanism, motor vehicle, means of expression, medium, organ, means, means of transport, conveyance, apparatus, channel, automobile, machine, motorized vehicle, agent, instrument