Salvage Title

Salvage Title,

How Do You Define Salvage Title?

A state-issued trademark on a vehicle indicates that it has been damaged in the past, exceeding a certain percentage of its value. A state may issue a vehicle entitlement after approval of its repair and safety inspection, possibly to inform new owners of past damage.

A simple definition of Salvage Title is: A certificate for a car that was once considered a total loss by insurers, but was repaired and hauled on the road.

Meaning of Salvage Title: A vehicle certificate that proves that the vehicle is damaged and / or completely lost by the insurance company through the claimant against you. State laws regulate vehicles that require a salvage license.

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Meanings of Salvage:
  1. Prevention of damage at sea (a sunken or ineligible ship or its cargo).

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Sentences of Salvage
  1. A golden and emerald green mercury was recovered from the wreckage.

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recovery, restoration, reclaim, restore, salvation, rescue, get back, raise, recover, raising, saving, save, reclamation, retrieve, reinstate


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