Salsas Para Panchos

Salsas Para Panchos

How to make cheese sauce for pancakes? ۔

How to make cheese sauce for pancakes?

How to make cheese sauce for pancakes?

It would be great if someone could tell me in advance how to make cheese sauce for pancakes, thank you very much. I chose the best answer.

This is the sauce that will bother you Success, I'm Nicole Go and Victoria, she came back yesterday with EP love.


2 tablespoons cream cheese.

Half a cup and it can't be done.

A tablespoon of butter

2 tablespoons RDO cheese.

Some pepper

Tip: Cheese sauce

1 You put everything in a small box and put it on a low rotation in the ego and you waited for E to end.

You make 2 lines like this, tamin derivatives butter and when the ravioli is off the plate you add all the ingredients for the tour and that's it.

What is four sauces?

50 grams of Rockfort cheese.

50 grams of bad cheese.

About 50 grams of cheese

Order 50 grams.

1 small packet of cream.

In Kekla, all the minced meat is mixed with cream and given to Anna till Dan, we are constantly shaking so that it does not stick to us. As we can see, if our sales are very soft and we want more consistency, we add a pinch of flour without stirring.

Microwave: Place the slices and cream in a clay pot, porcelain or plastic bowl and add the cream and simmer for 7 minutes at 780 W.


Cheddar cheese 150 g.

150 ml vapor (less than 1/2 cup)

1 teaspoon mustard.

1 teaspoon margarine.

Salt, parsley.

Optional Tabasco-Goas


1. It depends on how the cheddar bone is in different ways. If cut, we can cut it into very small pieces or rr. If it's an RDO, keep it that way. And if it comes in pieces, then in pieces.

2. Place everything in a pan with a minimum of egg, cook until the cheese is completely melted and some cream is left. We need to shake it from time to time so that it does not stick.

3. If we can get this fact out of the ego, it will take about 10 minutes.

Cheese sauce


American cheese

5 liters and

Sauce preparation:

The cheese is cut into small pieces, added and placed in the egg so that it melts, if any cream remains, the mixture is placed in the pan, left in the egg for a few minutes. , Prepared with salt and pepper. the taste

Taman is rich in the following:

Mustard sauce with honey


1/4 cup 100% pure honey.

1/4 cup dijon mustard.

1/2 cup sour cream or sour cream.


Mix honey and mustard until you get a elastic mixture.

Add heavy cream or heavy cream and beat.

Cover and refrigerate until mixture is ready to eat.

Especially you serve.


Salsas Para Panchos