Salmo 23 4

Salmo 23 4

How to Explain Psalm 23: 4? 3

Still, if your hair has fallen out, it's worth the sound of ■■■■■, I'll never be afraid, because you're with me, the old stick, and your staff makes me happy.

How do you explain that?

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To die well makes us sting because we were so close to him. Like others, we can fight adversity or enemies, like a disease that produces more strength and courage, or we can conquer ■■■■■. He said one last word. Whoever walks with dark hair deserves to die and lead us safely to the other side: O God of haste, or our priest. As a life of uncertainty, we must follow what gives us eternal peace, Jesus Christ!

I will be afraid of Kali because you are with me.

13 David provides a subtle stimulus to his faith: Jehovah protects his sheep. We read: "Yet, because your hair is worthy of darkness, do not be afraid of any harm, for you have taken your ■■■■ with me and given me" or "things that make me happy" (Psalm 23: 4) David here fails in a familiar way and interprets Jehovah as Om € to as. This does not surprise us, but he is speaking like God or is classified to see in trials. Has gone through horrible coupons - the moments when his life is in danger. He no longer allows what is half or basically a pea to go out against God. His His His His  € â € € his € €

14 How does Jehovah protect his sheep? The Bible guarantees that Jehovah will never allow an enemy - demons or humans ص to wipe out the sheep of the earth. (Isaiah 54:17 2 Peter 2: 9) No, that does not mean that our pastor will save us from all evil. Our problems are common to all human beings and we have common challenges for all true Christians. (2 Timothy 3:12 James 1: 2) There are times when we can walk through the valley of the Tenbrosa Sound in Dezer. For example, we may experience ■■■■■ due to a script or a health issue. Or maybe someone we love is on the verge of ■■■■■ or even dies. The rest of the moments that make us miserable, our priests are famous and protect us. like it?

15 Jehovah does not promise miraculous intervention. But we are confident that this will help us overcome any obstacles. He can give us wisdom in dealing with trials and tribulations. (James 1:25) The priest uses his staff not only to kill the hunters, but also to guide them in the right direction like sheep. Jehovah may guide a fellow worshiper, or he may help us to apply the Bible's counsel, which will not make much difference. Furthermore, Jehovah can give us the power to see. (Philippians 4:13) Through his holy spirit, he empowers us to be ordinary. (2 Corinthians 4: 7) God's Spirit can enable us to face someone who will not. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Is it good to know that Jehovah is ready to help us?

16 So, it doesn't matter if you're able to cross the Tenbro, we don't have to do it alone. Pastor Nusso was very knowledgeable and helped us in ways we may not have felt before. See what happens to an old Christian when he finds out that he has a malignant tumor, not a brain tumor. en en en One of the rules that he left me to admit is that Jehovah is with me or that he truly loves me. But I was determined not to spoil it. Instead, I prayed while talking about my suffering. And Jehovah, superior to me, I often make myself happy among my sisters, if my brothers are Christians. Share lots of advice and practical exercises based on your experience dealing with serious illnesses. He balanced my comments and made it clear that my situation was normal. Accept the good offer of help and discover that Jehovah is not sad for me. Explain that you have to keep fighting my disease and not rely on Toro. But I am confident that Jehovah is with me and will continue to help me through this ordeal.

God always walks with the voice to help you deal with problems without fear.

Although we know that something bad that I know or can cause ■■■■■, we can be sure that God will protect us and even raise us from the ■■■■.

Salmo 23 4