Salmo 22 Ave Maria

Salmo 22 Ave Maria

Evangelism in the Bible or Psalms PQ Jo Center says © says my pastor and I do not lack Chapter 23?

Unlike the OT, there is a Greek verse (used for Catholic churches) and a Hika verse (used for Protestant hair). However, the difference between the numbering or the chapters and the verses, the pea or the text itself is exactly the same.

Psalm 8 in both verses (Greek and Heca) for the same number or the same chapter and verse. There are no differences with Psalm 9. Understand why ...

Psalm 9 is too big, Greek verse A vs. Heica has 39 verses or Heica DeVio or Psalm 9 must have chapters:

Do the opposite. 1 year 21 She pays attention to Psalm 9 at the age of 22 She already pays attention to Psalm 11

Thus, a verse of Heka that begins with Psalm 9, before the Greek verse from this chapter, you will see different verses like pages ... Notice whether the text is the same text or the same The verse is  is. Number or number changes:

Or Senor; or my pastor, I will miss you. (Hiccup - Wear evangelical hair hat 231 in verse)

Oh, my pastor, I will miss you. (Greek version used by ICAR Cap 221)

Ah, put the already translated Greek!

There are some trades ... any group that is experiencing this translation or trying to translate OQ, is easy to understand ... ... and a lot of people somehow Because his ideology has changed ...

Salmo 22 Ave Maria