Saline Substances Contamination Endorsement

Saline Substances Contamination Endorsement,

Saline Substances Contamination Endorsement:

A simple definition of Saline Substances Contamination Endorsement is: Statement of general liability by the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) (GC2247) which does not include insurance for salts in oil and gas drilling products. The term saline refers to drilling mud, or liquid and saline, which is pumped from a well to speed up the recovery of oil.

Literal Meanings of Saline Substances Contamination Endorsement


Meanings of Saline:
  1. With salt or infusion.

  2. Salted in water.

Sentences of Saline
  1. Salty weeds

  2. Salty abortion is a saline solution that enters the mother's uterus.


Meanings of Substances:
  1. A special type of material with similar properties.

  2. The real physical substance that makes up a person or thing and has a real and tangible presence.

  3. Quality becomes important, correct or important.

  4. The essential nature that gives rise to the trend of change and it leads to accidents.

Sentences of Substances
  1. Steel tube coated with wax material

  2. Protein is a major component of the body's main substance.

  3. Didn't do anything significant

  4. History allows unimaginable matter to be kept out of a state that we are outside of the types of states.

Synonyms of Substances

corporeality, reality, tangibility, actuality, concreteness, medium, stuff, solidity, material, matter, fabric, body, materiality


Meanings of Contamination:
  1. Conditions of pollution or contamination or detoxification.

Sentences of Contamination
  1. Risk of contamination by harmful bacteria


Meanings of Endorsement:
  1. An act of public approval or support of something or something.

  2. A clause in an insurance policy that specifies an exclusion or change in coverage.

  3. The act of verifying a check or bill of exchange.

Sentences of Endorsement
  1. The issue of complete independence was widely supported

  2. Get additional support and insurance certificates from independent contractors who manage the program on your behalf or who visit your facility.

Synonyms of Endorsement

advocacy, championship, agreement, acceptance, backing, seal of approval, patronage, approval, recommendation, support