Sales Discount

Sales Discount,

Definition of Sales Discount:

  1. You can define Sales Discount as, Buyers were given a discount on credit sales progress.

Literal Meanings of Sales Discount


Meanings of Sales:
  1. To exchange something for money is to sell something.

  2. The period of time during which the store or retailer sells discounted products.

Sentences of Sales
  1. We sell

  2. January sales will begin this week

Synonyms of Sales

vending, disposal, bargain, selling, transaction, deal


Meanings of Discount:
  1. Usually a deduction from the normal price of a given item, usually for a payment or on time, or for a particular class of buyers.

  2. If the price changes hands before the due date, the withdrawal or percentage of the value of a note is lower.

  3. Decrease the (normal value of an item)

  4. Reduce the price (product or service).

  5. Buy or sell before the due date (exchange bill) at a lower price than the due date.

  6. Consider inappropriate (possibility, reality or person) due to lack of credibility.

  7. Offer a product for sale at a discount (from a store or company)

  8. The price is cheaper than usual.

  9. Nominal or below normal value.

Sentences of Discount
  1. But how difficult is it to make a movie gift certificate that offers a discount on the price of 10 tickets or more?

  2. You will receive additional offers, discounts and lower shipping costs from time to time.

  3. Our prices are negotiable and we offer discounts on bulk purchases.

  4. Some insurers have contacts with alarm providers and lock makers who can offer additional discounts on the cost of locks or alarms.

  5. Coupon books are £ 10 to 50 50 cheaper and schools have 6 6 to spend at their discretion.

  6. Companies that sign letters benefit from free advice and information, as well as reducing the cost of cleaning their buildings.

  7. Many of these providers offer discounts on cash purchases on show days. So take your money or credit card with you.

  8. Most companies offer discounts when you buy in bulk.

  9. He says the pricing structure, which includes student discounts, has something for everyone.

  10. Most European airports offer discounts to encourage airlines to use less capacity.

  11. Designer stores offer permanent discounts, up to 50% off, and everything that is sold in abundance in stores on Main Street.

Synonyms of Discount

put on sale, rebate, brush off, reduce, lower price, ignore, price cut, pass over, cut price, gloss over, concessionary price, deduction, markdown, lower, concession, dismiss, overlook, pay no attention to, take no account of, cut, take no notice of, take off, lessen, mark down