Definition of Sale:

  1. The period of time during which retailers sell products at a discount.

  2. An agreement that includes the ownership of goods or property and the transfer of ownership (ownership) or the right to services for money or value. Essential elements that must be present in a valid sale are (1) the buyer and seller's ability to sign an agreement, (2) a mutual agreement on the terms of trade, (3) something that is likely to be transferred and (4) Amount (or equivalent) paid or promised. See also sales

  3. To exchange something for money is to sell something.

Synonyms of Sale

Delivery, Assignment, Assignation, Abalienation, Traffic, Exchange, Conferment, Disposal, Vending, Giving, Flea market, Enfeoffment, Disposal, Transmission, Buying, Inventory-clearance sale, Amortization, Conveyance, On the market, Consignation, In stock, Up for sale, Bequeathal, Bargain and sale, Lease and release, Conferral, Cession, Barter, White elephant sale, Trafficking, Marked down, Purchasing, Tax sale, On the block, Deal, Vending, Closing-out sale, Transmittal, Amortizement, Available, Rummage sale, Garage sale, Bargain, Vesting, Purchase, Marketing, Conveyancing, Disposal, Trade, Trading, Selling, Transaction, Consignment, Surrender, Settling, Alienation, Disposition, Deliverance, Transference, Settlement, Distress sale, Going-out-of-business sale, Demise, Transaction, Selling, Deeding, Bazaar, Yard sale, Transfer

How to use Sale in a sentence?

  1. Mary sold the boat because she was running out of fish and because she desperately needed money.
  2. sell out
  3. Whenever you are trying to sell, always try to get the highest price from the seller.
  4. We sell.
  5. The sale of Mr. Jones to Bob was a great purchase for our apartment and he did a great job.

Meaning of Sale & Sale Definition