Sakura Long Hair

Sakura Long Hair

Sakura's hair?!? 3

Don't have time to grow your hair? I mean three years! Hinata even grew fat and her hair did not reach a finger!


Hahaha, you never thought of that!

Hahaha my hair is long ... but behind the ears and that's it

Already growing up :)

If you remember Sakura's flashback when she fought Sasori, when she was training with Tsu and Tsu was anxious to fight Sakura. I remember Sakura closed her eyes and Tsu punched her in the stomach and told her never to look away, yes during this flashback Sakura had long hair and .. I think he did Cut 1

I can help _

I imagine Sakura is like almost every other girl. He cut his hair, pushed and then went out and cut himself like the first time.

Do you already have long hair?

It hurts ... I like camping (like you can't carry 10 miles in a bag ... not cold) ... Can you imagine the pain? !

I'm sure he'll cut it!

Edit = For information only, my hair goes up to my waist (and if you straighten the curls up to my hair) I haven't cut it in 8 years !!!

Didn't you see Shippuuden's incident when he misses training with Tsue and his hair is long but he is very long and his hair doesn't match? Much better now

I think he cuts like that regularly.

I'm sure he cut his hair (I think with Kanai). Otherwise it will take a long time because 3 years have passed between the old and new series (shipuuden) to Naruto.

Hahaha yes

I think it's more blocked, if not more.

And it has a pale pink accent.

He can stop using this stock because Pakkun also uses it.

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He too was probably frightened of such a person on the road, so he cut him off.

Shadow Mist will have fun with it!

And it will wake you up!

Sakura Long Hair

Sakura Long Hair

Sakura with long hair

I think it saves you from getting caught like last time!

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Briefs ... this is a great mother trunk..bye? How old are you 50 ... She looks more like her sister Belmas than her mother !! ..

In fact, he protected her because he wanted it too.

MDR I remember reading about it in one of your pictures.

Sakura Long Hair