Sai's Brother

Sai's Brother

Dove Yakashi Sais? Naruto ship? 3

I wonder why Sais's sketchbook looks like a dove. Sai told Sakura that the book belonged to his brothers when Shipon asked in episode 36. Do you think that is possible?

no! No. In the manga (Chapter 304), Sai tells Naruto that this picture is of his brother, who has been with him for a long time, and that Naruto works and looks like him. And Kabuto is not like Naruto, otherwise he would have fought Kabuto and Oruchimaro and said nothing about the relationship between Sai and Kabuto.

Sai's answer book

No, it's not because Sai cheated on Kabuto in the manga.

If that's right! As you read the chapters, you meet Kabuto Sai and Oruchimauro.

Well maybe ...

(Where did you get Episode 36?)

Sai's Brother