Sailor Moon In Order

Sailor Moon In Order

In what order should I watch Sailor Moon movies in the series? 3

Like watching Sailor Moon R after any episode, watching Sailor Moon S after any episode ...

I recommend watching season after season and then season movies. So, watch the season of Sailor Moon R and then Sailor Moon R in the movie. The story of the film has nothing to do with seasons, but the seasons are fun to watch so you get to know the characters and, for example, they have new powers. The order of the dates is:

Sailor Moon (Season 1)

Sailor Moon R (Second Season)

Seller Moon R movie

Sailor Moon S (Season 3)

Seller Moon S Film

Sailor Moon Super S (Season 4)

Seller Moon Super S Movie

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Season 5)

Hmmm ... it's hard ... you see ... I watched all the episodes and then the movie. I'm a fan of Sailor Moon and I'm sorry to hear about the movie! You have to watch the WLE series and then watch the movie. I can escape :)

Are you going:

Sailor Moon R: Promise of roses

Salir Moon S: Heart made of ice

Sailor Moon Spurs: Dream about them

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Season 1, 2, Season 3, 4 and 5, but Season 5 is only available in 19 languages.

Sailor Moon In Order