Definition of Safety:

  1. A condom

  2. The condition is safe or there is no possibility of damage, loss or injury.

  3. There is relatively no risk, danger or danger of loss, injury or damage to personnel and / or property, whether intentional or accidental. See also security.

  4. The friction line is usually well placed behind the defense.

Synonyms of Safety

Crash helmet, Refuge, Padding, Knee guard, Lifeline, Life preserver, Sun helmet, Safeguard, Bulwark, Windscreen, Guardrail, Safety valve, Lightning rod, Guard, Finger guard, Safeness, Dashboard, Protective custody, Knuckle guard, Face mask, Insulation, Assurance, Shin guard, Safety shoes, Umbrella, Lightning conductor, Protective clothing, Welfare, Safety plug, Nose guard, Mudguard, Well-being, Impregnability, Interlock, Security, Shade, Handrail, Watchful eye, Inviolability, Seat belt, Helmet, Foot guard, Screen, Protective umbrella, Safety glass, Fender, Mask, Goggles, Windshield, Copyright, Invulnerability, Lee, Hand guard, Protection, Protection, Palladium, Backstop, Preventive, Safety rail, Shield, Safekeeping, Preservation, Safety switch, Cover, Hard hat, Shadow, Laminated glass, Eye, Dodger, Arm guard, Fuse, Sanctuary, Buffer, Bumper, Cushion, Pilot, Defense, Contraceptive, Aegis, Shelter, Patent, Pad, Governor, Security, Prophylactic

How to use Safety in a sentence?

  1. The presence of foam also helps develop the game, as defense often provides a safe haven to explain it.
  2. When we are on site, we must ensure that the safety rules that the company has set for us are followed.
  3. You need to make sure that you have security equipment in your warehouse so that people do not take any chances.
  4. You must go for your safety.
  5. The safety of everyone involved is paramount. That's why we've enacted new regulations that protect all of our employees.

Meaning of Safety & Safety Definition