Safety engineer



  1. A person trained in safety and damage prevention and control who inspects insured assets and operations and is unsafe to minimize injury or damage to property or damage to employees or the public. Recommends termination or reduction of conditions or actions.

Literal Meanings of SAFETY ENGINEER


Meanings of SAFETY:
  1. Safe state or not likely to cause harm, danger or injury.

  2. A defensive back that is usually far behind the football practice line.

  3. A condom

Sentences of SAFETY
  1. They have to go for their safety

  2. The presence of foam is also helpful in racing games, as it often has a safe depth to adjust.

Synonyms of SAFETY

security, well-being, protection, welfare


Meanings of ENGINEER:
  1. Design and construction (machinery or structure)

  2. People who design, build or maintain machines, machines or public works.

Sentences of ENGINEER
  1. The people who designed the tunnels

  2. This is important for engineers who design and manufacture products because it provides tools to help them determine future costs.

Synonyms of ENGINEER

planner, form, designer, fabricator, developer, builder, architect, put together, creator, producer, formulate