Definition of Safe:

  1. A strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables.

  2. Uninjured; with no harm done.

  3. Cautious and unenterprising.

  4. Based on good reasons or evidence and not likely to be proved wrong.

  5. A condom.

  6. Condition of exposure under which it is practically certain that no harm will result to the exposed personnel and property. See also secure.

  7. Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.

Synonyms of Safe

Protected from danger, Protected from harm, Shielded, Sheltered, Guarded, Defended, Secure, Safe and sound, Out of harms way, All right, Strongbox, Safety-deposit box, Safe-deposit box, Coffer, Casket, Money chest, Cash box, Repository, Depository, Locker, Fort Knox, OK, Acceptable, All right, Allowable, Appropriate, Armed, Bank, Bona fide, Bursary, Calculating, Canny, Careful, Cash register, Cashbox, Cautious, Chary, Chest, Circumspect, Cloaked, Coffer, Coin box, Conservative, Considerate, Copyrighted, Correct, Covered, Crypt, Defended, Deliberate, Dependable, Depository, Discreet, Exchequer, Fisc, Gingerly, Gold depository, Guarded, Guarding, Harmless, Healthy, Heedful, Hesitant, Immune, Immunized, Impregnable, Innocent, Innocuous, Inoffensive, Insured, Intact, Inviolable, Invulnerable, Judicious, Justifiable, Justified, Leaving out nothing, Locker, Mindful, Money chest, Noncommittal, Okay, On guard, Overlooking no possibility, Patented, Pawky, Penny bank, Permissible, Piggy bank, Policed, Politic, Pork barrel, Proper, Protected, Protecting, Prudent, Public crib, Public till, Public treasury, Public trough, Regardful, Reliable, Repository, Right, Riskless, Safe and sound, Safe-deposit box, Safeguarded, Safeguarding, Safely, Satisfactory, Scatheless, Screened, Secure, Secured, Securely, Sheltered, Sheltering, Shielded, Shielding, Slow to act, Solid, Sound, Storehouse, Strong room, Strongbox, Subtreasury, Suitable, Sure, Tentative, Thorough, Till, Timely, Treasure-house, Treasury, Tried and true, Unadventurous, Unassailable, Uncommunicative, Undamaged, Undaring, Unenterprising, Unharmed, Unhurt, Uninjured, Uninjurious, Unpolluted, Unprecipitate, Unscathed, Unthreatened, Untouched, Vault, Wary, Whole, Wholesome, Cautious, Circumspect, Prudent, Chary, Attentive, Unharmed, All right, Alive and well, Well, Unhurt, Uninjured, Unscathed, In one piece, Undamaged, Out of danger, Out of the wood, Out of the woods

How to use Safe in a sentence?

  1. Another successful selling point Abrams uses is the discounts many insurance companies give to customers who purchase fireproof safes for their valuables.
  2. The verdict is safe and satisfactory.
  3. Eggs remain in the damp sand, safe from marine predators.
  4. They had returned safe and sound.

Meaning of Safe & Safe Definition

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