Safe Harbors

Safe Harbors,

Safe Harbors Meanings:

  1. You can define Safe Harbors as, A safe haven is a legal provision made in certain circumstances to prevent or terminate legal or regulatory liability, provided certain conditions are met.

    • A safe haven is a legal provision intended to reduce or eliminate legal or regulatory liability in certain circumstances, provided certain conditions are met.
    • The term also refers to the tactics used by companies to avoid enemy capture.
    • Safe Harbor may also refer to accounting procedures that are outside the legal or tax rules.

Literal Meanings of Safe Harbors


Meanings of Safe:
  1. Whether or not it is safe from danger or harm or risk of harm

  2. Without caution and determination.

  3. There is good reason or evidence that you cannot be wrong.

  4. No damage, no breakage.

  5. Fireproof cabinet with intricate locks for storing valuables.

  6. A condom

Sentences of Safe
  1. Eggs live in moist sand, protected from marine predators

  2. The decision is correct and satisfactory

  3. They returned safe and sound

  4. Abram's other point of sale is the discount that many insurers offer to customers who buy fireproof proof of their valuables.

Synonyms of Safe

circumspect, alive and well, out of danger, locker, unhurt, out of the woods, money chest, coffer, prudent, unharmed, unscathed, protected from harm, cash box, secure, safety-deposit box, strongbox, shielded, out of harm's way, protected from danger, well, safe-deposit box


Meanings of Harbors:
  1. A place on the coast where the ship can dock in a safe place, especially a place where the dock, wharf and other man-made structures are protected from heavy water.

  2. Remember them (thoughts or feelings, usually negative), especially secret.

  3. Protection or concealment (criminal or fugitive)

  4. Mooring in port (ship or crew)

Sentences of Harbors
  1. They like to fish in the harbor

  2. He began to doubt the wisdom of his journey

  3. Suspicion of hiding fugitive prisoners

  4. Can live in Flemouth

Synonyms of Harbors

harbour, maintain, entertain, bear, nurse, nurture, dockyard, possess, dock, shelter, port, roads, boatyard, mooring, haven, give asylum to, feel secretly, hide, berth, cling to, give sanctuary to, retain, moor, waterfront, anchorage, provide a refuge for