Safe Harbor Rule

Safe Harbor Rule,

Safe Harbor Rule Meanings:

The notion in laws and regulations that a person who meets the stated requirements is protected from negative legal action. Shelters are often used when the legal requirements are somewhat ambiguous and there is a risk of sanctions if they are inadvertently violated.

Literal Meanings of Safe Harbor Rule


Meanings of Safe:
  1. Fireproof cabinet with intricate locks for storing valuables.

  2. A condom

  3. Safe or unsafe, or likely to be damaged or lost.

  4. Quiet and not very dynamic.

  5. Based on good reasons or evidence and can not be wrong.

  6. Don't hurt without hurting.

Sentences of Safe
  1. Another effective selling point for Abrams is the discount that many insurers offer to customers who purchase fireproof safes for their valuables.

  2. Eggs live in wet sand, which is protected from sea predators

  3. The diagnosis is accurate and satisfactory

  4. You came home safe and sound

Synonyms of Safe

unscathed, circumspect, in one piece, undamaged, defended, depository, strongbox, shielded, protected from harm, attentive, prudent, out of the wood, cautious, locker, out of the woods, protected from danger, chary, all right, cash box, uninjured, guarded, safe-deposit box


Meanings of Harbor:
  1. (An idea or feeling, usually negative) Keep it in your head, especially a secret.

  2. Shelter or refuge (criminal or fugitive)

  3. Anchorage at the port (of the ship or its crew).

  4. A place on the coast where ships can take refuge, especially a place that is protected from electricity by ghats, gorges and other man-made structures.

Sentences of Harbor
  1. He began to doubt the wisdom of his journey

  2. Suspicion of hosting a refugee

  3. You can take refuge in San Francisco

  4. They like to fish in the harbor

Synonyms of Harbor

be at anchor, cling to, hold on to, berth, possess, provide a refuge for, hide, dock, haven, waterfront, anchorage, shield, moor, bear, boatyard, give sanctuary to, conceal, mooring, feel secretly, retain, protect, shelter


Meanings of Rule:
  1. Exercising maximum power or authority over (an area and its inhabitants)

  2. Talk to the authorities and the law.

  3. Draw parallel lines (paper)

  4. Any clear or understood principle or set of principles that governs behavior in a particular activity or sphere.

  5. Control or dominate an area or people.

  6. Normal or normal condition.

  7. A piece of wood or other hard material used to measure length or to mark straight lines on a ruler.

  8. An order issued by a judge or court that refers only to a particular case.

Sentences of Rule
  1. The area is now under the control of elected officials.

  2. Place the page horizontally and print the information correctly.

  3. Understand the rules of the game

  4. The revolution ended British rule

  5. This accident is an exception rather than a rule.

  6. The plastic mold includes a ruler, measurement and drilling instructions.

Synonyms of Rule

custom, adjudge, ruling, jurisdiction, direct, judge, edict, protocol, standard, authority, ruled, control, feint, directive, form, government, sway, have control of, regime, habit, be in control of, norm, commandment, hegemony