Safe Deposit Box Coverage

Safe Deposit Box Coverage,

What is The Definition of Safe Deposit Box Coverage?

A simple definition of Safe Deposit Box Coverage is: Synonyms Important Terms See Safe Deposit Insurance

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Meanings of Safe:
  1. Fireproof cabinet with intricate locks for storing valuables.

  2. A condom

  3. Safe or unsafe, or impossible to hurt or lose

  4. Quiet and not very dynamic.

  5. Based on good reasons or evidence that can't be wrong.

  6. No harm, no harm.

Sentences of Safe
  1. Another effective selling point for Abrams is the discount that many insurers offer to customers who purchase fireproof safes for their valuables.

  2. Eggs live in wet sand, which is protected from sea predators

  3. The diagnosis is correct and satisfactory

  4. He returned home safely

Synonyms of Safe

all right, uninjured, out of the wood, strongbox, out of harm's way, repository, guarded, defended, out of the woods, chary, safe-deposit box, unharmed, shielded, cash box, casket, depository, unscathed, circumspect, cautious, in one piece, protected from danger, attentive, money chest, locker, well


Meanings of Deposit:
  1. Usually falling informally at a particular place (something or someone).

  2. Save or give to someone who will save you

  3. Usually the amount of money deposited or kept in a bank account to earn interest.

  4. The first installment to be paid on the purchase of an item or as a guarantee of a contract, the remaining amount should be paid later.

  5. Layers or bodies of accumulated matter.

  6. Putting something in a special place.

Sentences of Deposit
  1. Place a stack of books on the kitchen table

  2. A safe place where guests can keep valuables

  3. Money that is a substitute for a bank deposit or mortgage loan.

  4. We save a lot to pay for the house

  5. Chromium salt deposits

  6. Submitting an article in a library does not guarantee copyright protection.

Synonyms of Deposit

put, advance payment, security, set down, settle, lay, sit, accumulation, sublimate, down payment, set, instalment, unload, put down, lay down, rest, stake, part payment, place, prepayment, retainer, sediment, pledge


Meanings of Box:
  1. Install or provide boxes.

  2. Containers with flat bottom and side walls with a lid, usually square or rectangular.

  3. Fill or create page area.

  4. A separate area or enclosed space within a large building, for example, for a group of people in a theater or playground, or for witnesses or jurors in the Supreme Court.

  5. Protective cover for instrument parts

  6. A mailbox at the post office, newspaper or other place where you can start receiving mail

  7. A woman's vagina.

  8. Fight your opponents with your fists during boxing matches.

  9. Hitting someone on the head with your hand as punishment or anger.

  10. A small, slow-growing European shrub or evergreen tree with shiny dark green leaves. It is often cultivated as a hedge and as a terrier. Hard and heavy boxwood was widely used for recording and musical instruments.

  11. Any tree whose wood or leaves resemble boxwood.

Sentences of Box
  1. Each piece has a certificate of authenticity

  2. Cyrillic box

  3. Sandy's picture is in the upper right frame.

  4. A box in the opera

  5. The second form, with loop switching, goes into just one cable box.

  6. Box for English for

  7. A typical terracotta dish tastes better than ordinary chopped boxwood.

  8. He passed through the woods, "in front of the great wooden temple," then on page 124, where he sat "practically first, the stump."

Synonyms of Box

jab, fight, crate, package, hit, crack, slap, wrap, punch, thump, parcel, fist, pack, packet, cuff, bundle, wallop, spar, swat, carton, hook, smack


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related or applies to something else

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.