Definition of Sack:

  1. Dismiss from employment.

  2. Unit of Portland cement, 94 pounds in the US and 87.5 pounds in Canada.

  3. A base.

  4. A womans short loose unwaisted dress, typically narrowing at the hem, popular especially in the 1950s.A womans long loose gown.A decorative piece of dress material fastened to the shoulders of a womans gown in loose pleats and forming a long train, fashionable in the 18th century.

  5. Bed, especially as regarded as a place for sex.

  6. An act of tackling a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage before he can throw a pass.

  7. Tackle (a quarterback) behind the line of scrimmage before they can throw a pass.

  8. A large bag made of a strong material such as burlap, thick paper, or plastic, used for storing and carrying goods.

  9. Put into a sack or sacks.

  10. Dismissal from employment.

Origin of word Sack

Early 16th century from the phrase wyne seck, from French vin sec ‘dry wine’.

Synonyms of Sack

Bed, Bag, Pack, Pouch, Pocket, Dismissal, Discharge, Redundancy, Termination of employment, Ones marching orders, Acquire, Assault, Attack, Ax, Bag, Balloon, Banditry, Barbarize, Barrel, Basket, Batter, Be seized of, Bed, Bedstead, Bladder, Boot, Boot out, Bottle, Bounce, Box, Box up, Break, Brigandage, Brigandism, Brutalize, Bump, Bunk, Burden, Burn, Bust, Butcher, Can, Capsule, Capture, Carry on, Carton, Case, Cashier, Cashiering, Cask, Catch, Chuck, Come by, Come in for, Come into, Conge, Container, Contract, Corral, Couch, Crate, Defrock, Degrade, Demote, Deplume, Deposal, Depose, Depredate, Depredation, Deprive, Derive, Desecrate, Desolate, Despoil, Despoiling, Despoilment, Despoliation, Destroy, Devastate, Devour, Direption, Disbar, Discharge, Disemploy, Disemployment, Dismiss, Dismissal, Displace, Displacing, Displume, Doss, Drag down, Draw, Drop, Drum out, Drumming out, Earn, Encase, Encyst, Enmesh, Ensnare, Entangle, Enter into possession, Entrap, Expel, Fill, Fire, Firing, Fleece, Fob, Forage, Foraging, Foray, Forced separation, Foul, Freeboot, Freebooting, Freight, Furlough, Furloughing, Gain, Get, Give the ax, Give the gate, Go on, Gurney, Gut, Hammer, Hamper, Harpoon, Harvest, Heap, Heap up, Hit the hay, Hit the sack, Hook, Jar, Kick, Kick out, Kick upstairs, Kip, Kip down, Lade, Land, Lasso, Lay off, Lay waste, Layoff, Let go, Let out, Litter, Load, Loot, Looting, Make, Make redundant, Maraud, Marauding, Mass, Maul, Mesh, Mug, Nail, Net, Noose, Obtain, Pack, Pack away, Package, Parcel, Pension off, Pile, Pillage, Pillaging, Pink slip, Plunder, Plundering, Pocket, Poke, Pot, Pouch, Prey on, Procure, Pull down, Rage, Raid, Raiding, Ramp, Rampage, Ransack, Ransacking, Rant, Rape, Rapine, Ravage, Ravagement, Ravaging, Rave, Raven, Ravish, Ravishment, Razzia, Read out of, Reap, Reive, Reiving, Release, Removal, Remove, Replace, Retire, Retirement, Rifle, Rifling, Riot, Roar, Rope, Ruin, Sac, Sack out, Sacking, Savage, Score, Secure, Send packing, Separate forcibly, Ship, Slaughter, Snag, Snare, Sniggle, Sofa, Sow chaos, Spear, Spoil, Spoiling, Spoliate, Spoliation, Stack, Store, Storm, Stow, Stretcher, Strip, Superannuate, Surplus, Surplusing, Suspend, Suspension, Sweep, Take, Tangle, Tangle up with, Tank, Tear, Tear around, Terminate, Terrorize, The ax, The boot, The bounce, The gate, The hay, The sack, Ticket, Tin, Trap, Turn in, Turn off, Turn out, Unfrock, Vandalize, Violate, Walking papers, Waste, Win, Wreck, Dismiss, Give someone their notice, Throw out, Get rid of, Lay off, Let go, Discharge, Cashier

Meaning of Sack & Sack Definition