S&p/citigroup International Treasury Bond Ex-u.s. Index (hedged)

S&p/citigroup International Treasury Bond Ex-u.s. Index (hedged),

S&p/citigroup International Treasury Bond Ex-u.s. Index (hedged) Meanings:

  1. The definition of S&p/citigroup International Treasury Bond Ex-u.s. Index (hedged) is: An unorganized index that measures the performance of government bonds in developed countries outside the United States with a maturity of one year or more in local currencies. Each country's bonds are market-weighted and the country's weight is adjusted according to the market to meet the cost of debt and ensure diversification.

Literal Meanings of S&p/citigroup International Treasury Bond Ex-u.s. Index (hedged)


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  1. 1991 to d


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