S corporation

S corporation,

Definition of S corporation:

  1. The nature of the US business structure in which business income commensurate with its investment is passed on to its shareholders and is taxed at an income tax rate. A company S (S means small) can have only one type of shares and a limited number of shareholders. Also called the subject of corporations.

    For more information, see the difference between S Corporation and LLC.

How to use S corporation in a sentence?

  1. I run and run my own small business and I suddenly realized that starting this company could save a few dollars in taxes.
  2. Mary's accountant reminds her that, as a shareholder in a company, the person must show the proceeds from those shares in their personal tax, but it is not a waste to own a small business.
  3. If you run a small business, you need to ask yourself what it means to go to an S-based company to save on taxes.

Meaning of S corporation & S corporation Definition

S Corporation.,

How Do You Define S Corporation.?

Meaning of S Corporation.: A company with a maximum of 35 shareholders who are not taxable, but behave like a company if other requirements are met.

S Corporation. means: A company S, which is named after the sub-chapter of the approved tax law, usually does not pay tax because the profits and losses are transferred to the shareholders and the tax is collected.

S Corporation. means: Companies are generally not subject to federal income tax under the Income Income Code. In contrast, a company's taxable profits are passed on to its shareholders in the same way.

S Corporation. can be defined as, See: Small Business

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Meanings of Corporation:
  1. A company or group of people that has the authority to act as a sole (legal entity) and is thus legally recognized.

Sentences of Corporation
  1. Most lenders are large companies and insurance companies.

Synonyms of Corporation

operation, concern, agency, house, institution, firm, guild, combine, office, syndicate, company, federation, conglomerate, business, consortium, multiple, partnership, group, chain, organization, trust, multinational, bureau