Ruthless Competition Eso

Ruthless Competition Eso

Where is Urzashi’s assistant?

| Argar is an Argonian who previously worked as an assistant at Urzashi. He can be found dead in a depression in one of the three regions of the Alliance, Stonefalls, Glenumbra or Auridon.

Simply put, where is Urzashi’s exo assistant?

Urzashi is a Khajiit black market antiquarian located in Vulkel Guard, Dolchfall, or Davons Watch Outlaws Refuge. Concordia Mercius sends you to his house to hope to learn more about Margus Derius and his ride, but Urzashi won’t say anything until his assistant is found.

One may also ask where is Concordia mercius eso?

Concordia Mercius is an imperial member of the Cyrodilic collection community which was originally found in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davons Watch. He asks for your help in facing the increasingly aggressive competition from the company.

With that in mind, where is the wamasu egg?

They are mostly found in the Black Marshes, but some have also been spotted in Upper Craglorn and Grahtwood. Wamasu lays eggs to reproduce. These eggs flash when the embryo fertilizes and grows.

How to choose eso locks?

Start by holding the button you want to lower each cup. This is a complicated process because you have to press the button at the right time. Wait for the controller to vibrate, then press the button first.

Can you go to Black Marsh on eso?

Helstrom is located in the center of Murkwood, a swampy area in central Argentina that is nearly impossible to reach for non-Argonians, and is also the center of the non-imperialist black swamps.

How do I unlock Murkmire’s journals?

Newspapers offered in RootWhisper Village must be unlocked by completing the main missions from Murkmire to By River and Root, inclusive. Sunken Treasure: Join the expedition of the Cyrodilic collections on an ancient Xan lake in Murkmire.

How do I get a swamp jellyfish?

Jelly Pet Swamp can be obtained by finding and combining all seven Rune Box Shards into containers obtained by completing the reward mission of the Cyrodilic Collections daily mission.

Where is Jee Lar eso?

Also located in Lilmoth at the Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters As part of the Mercius Sisters organization from the start, JeeLar has a very unusual interest in history for an Argonian from Murkmire.

Ruthless Competition Eso