Rust Belt

Rust Belt,

Rust Belt Meanings:

It is also called manufacturing belt. In the United States, an area with many old and non-modern factories, such as steel mills, most of which are already closed or unprofitable.

Literal Meanings of Rust Belt


Meanings of Rust:
  1. The itchy layer of iron oxide is red or yellow-brown which forms on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of water vapor.

  2. Fungal disease in plants that causes red or gray spots.

  3. Reddish brown

  4. Revealed to be rusty.

Sentences of Rust
  1. Paint protects your car from rust

  2. Many grids are highly skilled and have only one or two hosts.

  3. Her rusty hair

  4. The blade is rusty

Synonyms of Rust

discoloration, oxidation, rust, tarnishing, blackening, film, patina, bronze-coloured, copper-coloured, copper, reddish brown, chestnut, metallic brown, rust-coloured, henna, tan, corrode, oxidize, become rusty, tarnish


Meanings of Belt:
  1. A rope made of leather or other material that is attached to the waist or chest, especially for holding clothes or carrying weapons.

  2. A permanent strip of material used in machines used to transfer movement from one wheel to another.

  3. Tape or tape around an object that has certain properties or compounds that are different from its environment.

  4. Blow

  5. A sip or a glass of wine.

  6. Protect it from the belt.

  7. Beat (someone or something) hard.

  8. Move quickly in a certain direction.

  9. Swallow quickly (drink)

Sentences of Belt
  1. Sword belt

  2. Large wheels supported by leather belts

  3. Asteroid belt

  4. He wore his raincoat tightly

  5. He tied it to his head with his can

  6. The cocktail should be alcoholic and savory, not tied

Synonyms of Belt

girdle, sash, strap, cummerbund, waistband, band, girth, loop, hoop, thong, region, area, district, zone, sector, province, quarter, pocket, enclave, territory, neighbourhood