Russell 1000 Index

Russell 1000 Index,

What Does Russell 1000 Index Mean?

  1. The Russell 1000 Index, part of the Russell 3000 Index, represents 1,000 companies in the United States through market capitalization.

    • The Russell 1000 Index, part of the Russell 3000 Index, represents 1,000 companies in the United States through market capitalization.
    • The Russell 1000 Index accounts for about 92% of the total market capitalization of all stocks listed on the US stock market and is considered the premier index of large cap investments.
    • FTSE Russell provides performance and features of the Russell 1000 Index on a monthly basis.

  2. Meaning of Russell 1000 Index: An unorganized management index that measures the performance of stocks in a large part of the US equity world.

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