Definition of Rule:

  1. An order made by a judge or court with reference to a particular case only.

  2. Make parallel lines across (paper).

  3. Exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people).

  4. Authoritative statement of what to do or not to do in a specific situation, issued by an appropriate person or body. It clarifies, demarcates, or interprets a law or policy.

  5. The normal or customary state of things.

  6. Pronounce authoritatively and legally to be the case.

  7. One of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere.

  8. Control of or dominion over an area or people.

  9. A strip of wood or other rigid material used for measuring length or marking straight lines; a ruler.

  10. Statement that establishes a principle or standard, and serves as a norm for guiding or mandating action or conduct. Rules may be divided into four general categories: (1) Folklore: Unpublished rules that are conveyed by behavior and are implicitly understood. (2) Guidelines: Commonly published and recommended practices that allow some discretion with their interpretation and use. (3) Mandates: Published commands that may not be ignored in any circumstance and whose violation is punished. (4) Policies: Published rules that imply a predicted behavior and whose violation may be permitted or tolerated under certain circumstances.

Synonyms of Rule

System, Standard, Units, Scale, Decree, Order, Direct, Pronounce, Make a judgement, Judge, Adjudge, Adjudicate, Lay down, Ordain, Aristotelian sorites, Goclenian sorites, Procrustean law, SOP, T square, A priori truth, Acme, Act, Act on, Administration, Antetype, Antitype, Apothegm, Appointment, Apriorism, Archetype, As a rule, Ascendancy, Assize, Authority, Authorization, Average, Axiom, Balance, Ban, Bar, Barometer, Be in, Be in force, Be the rage, Be the rule, Be the thing, Be-all and end-all, Bear reign, Bid, Bill, Biotype, Blue ribbon, Brevet, Brocard, Bull, Bylaw, Bypass, Call on, Call the shots, Call the signals, Call upon, Canon, Carry authority, Categorical syllogism, Center, Championship, Charge, Charisma, Charm, Check, Chiefly, Civil government, Classic example, Claws, Clout, Clutches, Code, Command, Commandment, Commission, Common practice, Commonly, Conclude, Condemn, Consequence, Control, Convention, Crack the whip, Credit, Criterion, Customarily, Customs, Decide, Declaration, Declare, Decorum, Decree, Decree-law, Decreement, Decretal, Decretum, Deduce, Deem, Degree, Determine, Dictate, Dictation, Dictum, Diktat, Dilemma, Direct, Direction, Directive, Directorship, Discipline, Dismiss, Dispensation, Dispose, Disposition, Disregard, Dominance, Dominate, Domination, Domineer, Dominion, Doom, Drill, Edict, Edictum, Effect, Effectiveness, Eliminate, Eminence, Empery, Empire, Enactment, Enchantment, Enjoin, Enthymeme, Epitome, Esteem, Etiquette, Exclude, Fact, Favor, Fiat, Figure, Find, Find against, Find for, First place, First prize, Forbid, Force, Form, Form of government, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Fugleman, Fugler, Fundamental, Gather, Gauge, General orders, General principle, Generality, Generally, Genotype, Give an order, Give the word, Gnome, Golden mean, Golden rule, Good feeling, Govern, Governance, Government, Graduated scale, Grip, Guide, Guideline, Guiding principle, Hand, Hands, Happy medium, Have clout, Have power, Have the power, Have the right, Have the say, Head up, Headship, Hegemony, Height, Highest, Hold, Ignore, Imitatee, Imperative, Imperium, Importance, In the main, Incidental power, Infer, Influence, Influentiality, Insinuation, Institution, Instruct, Instruction, Ipse dixit, Iron hand, Issue a command, Issue a writ, Judge, Jurisdiction, Jus, Juste-milieu, Kingship, Law, Law of nature, Lay off, Lay out, Lead, Leadership, Legislation, Leverage, Lex, Lordship, Magnetism, Mainly, Manage, Management, Mandate, Mark off, Mark out, Mastership, Mastery, Matter of course, Maxim, Maximum, Mean, Measure, Measure off, Measure out, Median, Mediocrity, Medium, Middle, Middle course, Middle ground, Middle point, Middle position, Middle state, Middle-of-the-road, Midpoint, Mirror, Mitzvah, Mode, Model, Modus tollens, Moment, Mood, Moral, Most, Mostly, Ne plus ultra, Negate, New high, Norm, Norma, Normal, Normally, Obtain, On the whole, Ordain, Order, Order about, Order of nature, Ordinance, Ordinarily, Ordonnance, Original, Overlook, Overrule, Oversee, Oversight, Pace off, Palms, Par, Paradigm, Paralogism, Parameter, Paramountcy, Pass judgment, Pass sentence, Pattern, Personality, Persuasion, Policy, Political organization, Polity, Possess authority, Postulate, Potency, Power, Practice, Precedent, Precept, Preclude, Predominance, Predominate, Preponderance, Preponderate, Prescribed form, Prescript, Prescription, Preside, Preside over, Presidency, Pressure, Prestige, Prevail, Primacy, Principium, Principle, Procedure, Proclaim, Proclamation, Prohibit, Promulgate, Pronounce, Pronounce judgment, Pronounce on, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Proposition, Propriety, Proscribe, Prosyllogism, Prototype, Pseudosyllogism, Purchase, Quantity, Raj, Reading, Readout, Record, Regime, Regimen, Regnancy, Regulate, Regulation, Reign, Report, Representative, Repute, Rescript, Resolve, Return a verdict, Routine, Rubric, Rule of deduction, Rule off, Rule out, Rule over, Ruler, Ruling, Run, Say, Say the word, Scale, Self-evident truth, Senatus consult, Senatus consultum, Sentence, Set form, Set off, Settle, Settled principle, Sorites, Sovereignty, Square, Standard, Standard operating procedure, Standing order, Standing orders, Statute, Step off, Straightedge, Suasion, Subtle influence, Suggestion, Superintend, Supervise, Supervision, Supremacy, Sway, Syllogism, System of government, Talons, Tenet, Test, Theorem, Top spot, Touchstone, Triangle, Truism, Truth, Type, Type species, Type specimen, Ukase, Universal law, Universal truth, Upper hand, Urtext, Usually, Utter a judgment, Value, Via media, Wear the crown, Wear the pants, Weight, Whip hand, Wield authority, Wield the scepter, Working principle, Working rule, Yardstick, Zenith, Regulation, Ruling, Directive, Order, Court order, Act, Law, By-law, Statute, Edict, Canon, Ordinance, Pronouncement, Mandate, Command, Dictate, Dictum, Decree, Fiat, Proclamation, Injunction, Commandment, Prescription, Stipulation, Requirement, Precept, Guideline, Direction, Govern, Preside over, Control, Have control of, Be in control of, Lead, Be the leader of, Dominate, Run, Head, Direct, Administer, Manage, Regulate, Procedure, Practice, Protocol, Convention, Standard, Norm, Form, Routine, Custom, Habit, Wont, Control, Jurisdiction, Command, Power, Sway, Dominion, Government, Administration, Sovereignty, Leadership, Ascendancy, Supremacy, Authority, Direction, Mastery, Hegemony, Regime, Influence, Ruled, Feint

How to use Rule in a sentence?

  1. It is always a good rule to treat people the way you want to be treated when making a business deal.
  2. I got kicked out of the class for violating a rule that the teacher had made about not talking during a lesson.
  3. Rule the pages horizontally and print the information within the rules.
  4. The rules of the game were understood.
  5. Such accidents are the exception rather than the rule.
  6. The plastic template contains rules, measures and a hole-punching guide.
  7. The rule of thumb is to hold the stock for the long term as this investment strategy has been a proven success.
  8. The revolution brought an end to British rule.
  9. Latin America today is ruled by elected politicians.

Meaning of Rule & Rule Definition