Definition of Rule:

  1. Judges or court orders in only certain cases.

  2. Draw parallel lines on (paper).

  3. Use the most power or authority over (an area and its people).

  4. A formal statement of what to do or not to do in a particular situation, issued by the appropriate person or body. Explain, explain or explain the rules or guidelines.

  5. Normal or normal conditions.

  6. Talk to the authorities and the law to get things done.

  7. Any clear or understandable principle or principle that governs the conduct of a particular company or territory.

  8. Control or domination of an area or city.

  9. A piece of wood or other hard material used to measure the length of a ruler or to mark straight lines.

  10. Statements that establish a principle or standard and serve as a standard for guiding or enforcing actions or behaviors. Rules can be divided into four general categories: (1) Folklore: Unpublished rules that are transmitted and understood through behavior. (2) Guidelines: Published and generally recommended procedures that allow discretion in their interpretation and use. ()) Mandate: A published order which cannot be ignored under any circumstances and whose violation will be punished. ()) Policy: Published rules that contain the required conduct and violations may be permitted or tolerated in certain circumstances.

Synonyms of Rule

Mark out, Order about, Ordonnance, Administer, Ruling, Ascendancy, Happy medium, T square, Brevet, Customarily, Barometer, Middle, Proscribe, Hands, Habit, Govern, Middle ground, Bear reign, Gather, First place, Bypass, Manage, Working rule, Law, Decretum, Fugleman, Tenet, Have power, Set form, Magnetism, Decorum, Talons, Commonly, General principle, Middle point, Wear the pants, Empery, Bylaw, Ordinarily, Prescription, Authorization, Sovereignty, Hegemony, Touchstone, Bill, Categorical syllogism, Midpoint, Standing order, Statute, Supervise, Condemn, Test, Supervision, Golden rule, Influentiality, Preponderate, Charm, Dominion, Ukase, Guideline, Scale, Pace off, Order of nature, Proclamation, Mostly, Personality, Possess authority, Degree, Enjoin, Preclude, Wont, Pronounce, Par, Type species, Doom, Iron hand, Ruling, Domination, Administration, Record, Fugler, Practice, Have the say, Have control of, Supremacy, Kingship, Value, Influence, Predominate, Authority, Set off, Give the word, Political organization, Regnancy, Imperium, Units, Rule over, Find for, Measure off, Generality, Clout, On the whole, Measure out, Determine, Etiquette, Precept, Infer, Settle, Formality, Presidency, Wield the scepter, Precept, Hegemony, Mediocrity, Lay off, Generally, Rule out, Be-all and end-all, Dilemma, Lay out, Court order, Prestige, Adjudge, Suasion, Pronounce on, Run, Guiding principle, Standard, Edict, Paradigm, Ordain, Judge, Law, Sorites, Command, Modus tollens, Utter a judgment, Carry authority, Hold, Order, Pronounce judgment, Middle course, Mark off, Goclenian sorites, Prescribed form, Ban, Direction, In the main, Commandment, Decree, Instruct, Apothegm, Medium, Code, Preponderance, Ascendancy, Dominate, Principium, Graduated scale, Fact, Headship, Theorem, Preside over, Oversee, Declaration, Center, Maximum, Mainly, Precedent, Bid, Be the rule, Good feeling, Regulation, Middle position, Direct, Lex, Decreement, Decide, Aristotelian sorites, Decree, Zenith, Superintend, Prescript, Edict, Dictate, Imperative, Championship, Find, Judge, Juste-milieu, Procedure, A priori truth, Fiat, Square, Diktat, Call the shots, Manage, Empire, Regimen, Edictum, Height, Pronouncement, Lead, Conclude, Customs, Civil government, Say the word, Suggestion, Prescription, Common practice, As a rule, Insinuation, Direction, Resolve, Prosyllogism, Call on, Ipse dixit, Practice, Ordain, Whip hand, Jurisdiction, Jus, Weight, Measure, Disregard, Syllogism, Obtain, Be in control of, Report, Sovereignty, Order, Wield authority, Enactment, Lay down, Government, Act on, Declare, Mitzvah, Regime, Proclamation, Antetype, Type specimen, Genotype, Be the thing, Guide, Promulgate, Negate, Statute, Decree-law, Form, Direct, Regime, Brocard, System, Lead, Sway, Raj, Ordinance, Order, Form, Classic example, Dominance, Supremacy, Pass sentence, Mastership, Mastery, Via media, Biotype, Pass judgment, Pronunciamento, Rule of deduction, Senatus consult, Golden mean, Normal, Influence, Issue a writ, Feint, Leadership, Representative, Ruled, Upper hand, Dictation, Urtext, System of government, Find against, Moment, New high, Preside, Subtle influence, Sway, Norma, Epitome, Command, Middle state, Commission, Commandment, Dictum, Jurisdiction, Model, Paramountcy, Moral, Scale, Reign, Parameter, Bar, Gauge, Dispensation, Act, Disposition, Credit, Standard, Decree, Blue ribbon, Truism, Archetype, Procedure, Formula, Control, Eliminate, Hand, Pattern, SOP, Dictate, Ruler, Law of nature, Chiefly, Polity, Pronounce, Antitype, Standing orders, Universal law, Proclaim, Predominance, Importance, Charisma, Settled principle, Ignore, Maxim, Norm, Triangle, Rescript, Ne plus ultra, Run, Universal truth, Call the signals, Control, Deduce, Form of government, By-law, Head, Dismiss, Potency, Purchase, Have the power, Routine, Administration, Return a verdict, Be the rage, Criterion, Figure, Effect, Stipulation, Issue a command, Act, Standard, Pseudosyllogism, Mean, Yardstick, Power, Decretal, Say, Quantity, Axiom, Forbid, Drill, Charge, Lordship, Exclude, Repute, Gnome, Prevail, Head up, Average, Proposition, Direction, Acme, Mood, Check, Have the right, Wear the crown, Claws, First prize, Rubric, Authority, Norm, Instruction, Effectiveness, Type, Power, Standard operating procedure, Oversight, Governance, Pressure, Guideline, Most, Middle-of-the-road, Assize, Original, Principle, Force, Median, Propriety, Protocol, Usually, Mandate, Be in, Consequence, Prototype, Call upon, Mirror, Requirement, Regulation, Appointment, Self-evident truth, Mode, Highest, Institution, Palms, Paralogism, Dominion, Deem, General orders, Legislation, Ordinance, Regulate, Postulate, Formulary, Mastery, Imitatee, Convention, Directive, Enchantment, Canon, Be in force, Regulate, Routine, Fiat, Grip, Directorship, Eminence, Rule off, Dispose, Reading, Favor, Readout, Primacy, Step off, Dominate, Pronouncement, Leverage, Overrule, Working principle, Preside over, Overlook, Apriorism, Direct, Directive, Matter of course, Injunction, Normally, Sentence, Adjudicate, Government, Enthymeme, Discipline, Incidental power, Balance, Govern, Make a judgement, Policy, Clutches, Persuasion, Mandate, Fundamental, Straightedge, Give an order, Canon, Domineer, Management, Command, Senatus consultum, Top spot, Truth, Be the leader of, Procrustean law, Leadership, Crack the whip, Control, Dictum, Have clout, Bull, Prohibit, Custom, Convention, Esteem

How to use Rule in a sentence?

  1. It's always a good idea to treat people the way you want them to bargain.
  2. I was expelled from the class for breaking the rules set by the teacher for not mentioning the class.
  3. Adjust the page horizontally and print the information on the ruler.
  4. The rules of the game are understood.
  5. The accident was a rule of thumb.
  6. The plastic mold includes a ruler, measurement and drilling instructions.
  7. The rule is to maintain long-term measures, as this investment strategy has proved successful.
  8. The revolution ended British rule.
  9. Latin America is currently ruled by elected politicians.

Meaning of Rule & Rule Definition

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