Rule of thumb

Rule of thumb,

Definition of Rule of thumb:

  1. A broadly accurate guide or principle, based on experience or practice rather than theory.

  2. Formula or observation accepted (1) generally as practical knowledge based on experience (although not as a scientific law), or (2) uncritically as the way the things or the world works. Also called empirical formula.

  3. Investors may be familiar with a variety of "financial rules of thumb" that are intended to help individuals learn, remember and apply financial guidelines. These rules of thumb address methods and procedures for saving, investing, purchasing a home and planning for retirement. Although a rule of thumb may be appropriate for a wide audience, it may not apply universally to every individual and unique set of circumstances.

  4. A rule of thumb is a heuristic guideline that provides simplified advice or some basic rule-set regarding a particular subject or course of action. It is a general principle that gives practical instructions for accomplishing or approaching a certain task. Typically, rules of thumb develop as a result of practice and experience rather than through scientific research or a theoretical foundation.

Synonyms of Rule of thumb

R and D, Control, Control experiment, Controlled experiment, Cut and try, Empiricism, Experiment, Experimental design, Experimental method, Experimental proof, Experimentalism, Experimentation, Hit and miss, Noble experiment, Pragmatism, Research and development, Tentative method, Tentativeness, Testing, Trial, Trial and error, Trying

How to use Rule of thumb in a sentence?

  1. A useful rule of thumb is that about ten hours will be needed to analyze each hour of recorded data.
  2. You should always try to adhere to the rule of thumb because it will keep you doing the most logical thing.
  3. A rule of thumb is an informal piece of practical advice providing simplified rules what apply in most situations.
  4. There are many rules of thumb in finance that give guidance on how much to save, how much to pay for a house, where to invest, and so on.
  5. There is a general rule of thumb on the website that if you rent too many referrals too soon, you will not get as many clicks.
  6. You should always try to stick to any rule of thumb you have so that you know you are doing the right thing.
  7. Rules of thumb are not scientific and do not take into account the individual circumstances and needs of a person, so they may not be applicable to your particular situation.

Meaning of Rule of thumb & Rule of thumb Definition

Rule Of Thumb,

What is The Definition of Rule Of Thumb?

Definition of Rule Of Thumb: General principles are horticultural guides that provide simple preferences or a set of ground principles for a given topic or point of view. These are general rules that provide practical guidance on how to perform or deal with a particular task. General rules are usually based on practice and experience rather than scientific research or theoretical foundations.

  • General principles are informal and practical suggestions with simple principles that apply in most situations.
  • There are many basic rules in the financial sector that give advice on how much to save, how much to pay for a house, where to invest and much more.
  • General principles are not scientific and do not take into account individual circumstances and needs, therefore, may not apply to your particular situation.

Literal Meanings of Rule Of Thumb


Meanings of Rule:
  1. Any clear or understood rule or principle that governs the conduct of a particular company or territory.

  2. Control or govern an area or city.

  3. Normal or normal conditions.

  4. A piece of wood or other hard material used to measure the length of a ruler or to mark straight lines.

  5. Judges or court orders in only certain cases.

  6. Use the most power or authority over (an area and its people).

  7. Talk to the authorities and the law to get things done.

  8. Drawing parallel lines (paper)

Sentences of Rule
  1. The rules of the game are understood

  2. The revolution ended British rule

  3. The accident was a rule of thumb

  4. The plastic mold includes a ruler, measurement and drilling instructions.

  5. The region is now ruled by elected politicians

  6. Place the page horizontally and print the information correctly.

Synonyms of Rule

preside over, order, dictate, commandment, sway, head, act, lead, habit, stipulation, influence, have control of, lay down, dictum, decree, practice, directive, fiat, ruled, standard, govern, custom, pronouncement, protocol, adjudge, direct, law


Meanings of Of:
  1. Indicates an association between two entities, usually an association.

  2. It shows the relationship between the address and the historical landmark.

  3. Describe the relationship between a general type or category and the specific items that fall into this category.

  4. Derived from or associated with a verb.

Sentences of Of
  1. Glad you asked

Synonyms of Of

caused by, made by, from, carried out by, by, done by


Meanings of Thumb:
  1. The index finger of the human hand is small and thick, deep inserted, separate and opposite to the other four.

  2. Press, move or touch (something) with your thumb.

Sentences of Thumb
  1. Fingers and toes are most affected.

  2. As soon as he pressed the button, the door opened

Synonyms of Thumb

depress, digit, push down, lean on, opposable digit, first digit, press, push