Rule 11 Sanctions

Rule 11 Sanctions,

What is Rule 11 Sanctions?

Restrictions on misuse of procedures (court fines). Trying to avoid frivolous and baseless decisions.

Literal Meanings of Rule 11 Sanctions


Meanings of Rule:
  1. Exercising maximum power or authority over (an area and its inhabitants)

  2. Talk to the authorities and the law.

  3. Draw parallel lines (paper)

  4. Any clear or understood principle or set of principles that governs behavior in a particular activity or sphere.

  5. Control or dominate an area or people.

  6. Normal or normal condition.

  7. A piece of wood or other hard material used to measure length or to mark straight lines on a ruler.

  8. An order issued by a judge or court that refers only to a particular case.

Sentences of Rule
  1. The area is now under the control of elected officials.

  2. Spread the page horizontally and print the information on a ruler.

  3. The rules of the game are understood

  4. The revolution ended British rule

  5. This accident is an exception rather than a rule.

  6. The plastic mold includes a ruler, measurement and drilling instructions.

Synonyms of Rule

court order, govern, government, canon, lay down, edict, supremacy, regime, practice, statute, procedure, adjudge, adjudicate, run, sovereignty, custom, guideline, administration, norm, judge, direction, jurisdiction, units, scale, law


Meanings of Sanctions:
  1. Give official approval or approval for (action)

  2. Provide sanctions or fines.

  3. If the rules or regulations are not followed, sanctions are imminent.

  4. Permission or formal approval of an action.

Sentences of Sanctions
  1. The regulation was approved by the court

  2. In France, foreigners should be repatriated illegally, their employers approved and border controls tightened.

  3. A series of sanctions aimed at curbing domestic trade

  4. Appealed to the bishop for approval

Synonyms of Sanctions

acquiescence, give permission for, deterrent, approve, discipline someone for, allow, dispensation, authorize, punishment, consent to, consent, support, accreditation, warrant, agreement, licence, give assent to, give leave for, approbation, endorse, approval