Rubber Cheque

Rubber Cheque,

Rubber Cheque:

  1. Rubber Cheque definition is: Checks are returned to the account of the person who issued the check for the cash to the bank due to insufficient funds.

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Meanings of Rubber:
  1. Extremely flexible polymer material produced in tropical plants or artificially.

  2. A competition consisting of a series of games (usually three or five) between the same teams or individuals in tennis, cricket, and other sports.

Sentences of Rubber
  1. One advantage of this material is that it is more resistant to alcohol than natural rubber and vinyl latex.

  2. Davis Cup England's opening game against Argentina


Meanings of Cheque:
  1. Check English spelling (meaning 4 nouns)

Sentences of Cheque
  1. A bank that checks payments on behalf of its customers acts as an agent.

Synonyms of Cheque

settlement, money, payment, fee