Rs Out Cs Out

Rs Out Cs Out

What are CSOut, RSOut and SSOut? ۔

My MSI motherboard has six 3.5mm connectors labeled: MIC, Lineout, Line In, RS Out, CS Out and SS Out.

The lineout looks for headphones and it's clear that it would be appropriate to label the microphone MIC, but what do you connect to the other four ports? The rules are meaningless.

This audio connector is used for audio devices. You can vary the audio jack colors for different audio sound effects.

Used for channel input, external CD player, tape recorder or.

Other audio devices

Line out speaker or headphone connection.

Mike Inn is the connector for micro planes.

RSOut = RearSurround Out in 4.1 / 5.1 / 7.1ch mode.

CS or SSOut = 5.1 / 7.1 center channel / subwoofer output.

Since I have a small motherboard, I have only one input, one output and one microphone on the motherboard (plus one microphone and one output in front of the case).

In such cases, the manual explains how to explain it.

Very easy with 2 channel system.

But 4 channels, 6 channels (which I think is 5.1 system) and 8 channels (I think one of them is 7.1) you have to be careful

A list of who goes where ...

But I mean, center for center and subwoofer and only 6 and 8 channels.

SS is only for side and 8 channel speakers where front audio is specially mentioned, a box is required here.

Rs Out Cs Out