Rpj2 Furnace

Rpj2 Furnace

Do I have a Comfort Maker RPJ II console? ۔

I am told every 5 blinks on the panel that the trigger valve has been opened.

What is a relief valve and where is it?

Model # GUI075AO12IN.

Becomes. # L923719366.


This is not a provisioning valve, this is a software supply. The SW is in front of the screen recorder. Available to identify problems with flame. This is a temperature sensitive device that shuts off the gas valve if there is a problem with the flame. Provisioning software is briefly enabled to manually reset the software. Sometimes the deployment software fails. There is a problem with the fan-driven draft or the duct is closed. In normal operation, the draft fan draws combustion air through the heat exchanger and mixes it with gas for complete combustion. The flow gas then releases its heat to the heat exchanger and the cold gas is expelled from the smoke outlet. If the excited draft fan does not provide enough combustion air, there is a lack of oxygen and the flame does not burn the fan completely. When natural gas is completely burned, the combustion products are carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat. Incomplete combustion leads to the formation of carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is a common poison. There the flames need oxygen and actually come out of the combustion chamber in search of it. This is called implementation. During implantation conditions, the EL does not burn completely and the resulting carbon monoxide is released into your egg. Contact a service technician immediately. This is a life threatening condition and should be checked and corrected immediately.

Rpj2 Furnace