Definition of Royalty:

  1. People of royal blood or status.

  2. A royal right (now especially over minerals) granted by the sovereign to an individual or corporation.

  3. Royalties payments typically constitute a percentage of the gross or net revenues obtained from using the owner's property, however, they can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the wishes of both parties involved in the transaction.

  4. A sum of money paid to a patentee for the use of a patent or to an author or composer for each copy of a book sold or for each public performance of a work.

  5. A royalty is a legally-binding payment made to an individual, for the ongoing use of his or her originally-created assets, including copyrighted works, franchises, and natural resources. But royalties are predominantly associated with musicians, who receive such payments whenever their originally-recorded songs are played on the radio or television, used in movies, performed at concerts, bars, and restaurants, or consumed via streaming services. In most cases, royalties are revenue generators specifically designed to compensate the owners of songs or properties, when they license out their assets for another party's use.

  6. Compensation, consideration, or fee paid for a license or privilege to use an intellectual property (brand, copyright, patent, process) or a natural resource (fishing, hunting, mining), computed usually as a percentage of revenue or profit realized from the use. See also technology licensing.

Synonyms of Royalty

FFVs, Ancestry, Ancienne noblesse, Anointed king, Aristocracy, Aristocraticalness, Avails, Baronage, Baronetage, Birth, Blood, Blue blood, Box office, Caliphate, Chief, Chieftain, Chivalry, Commission, Commissions, Compensation, Credit, Credits, Crowned head, Cut, Czardom, Disposable income, Distinction, Dividend, Dividends, Dynast, Earned income, Earnings, Elect, Elite, Emperor, Emperorship, Empery, Empire, Gains, Gate, Gate receipts, Genteelness, Gentility, Get, Grand duke, Gross, Gross income, Gross receipts, Haut monde, High chief, High life, High society, Honorable descent, Imperator, Imperialism, Income, Intake, Kaiserdom, Kaisership, King, King-emperor, Kinghood, Kinglet, Kingship, Knightage, Lord paramount, Majesty, Make, Monarch, Net, Net income, Net receipts, Nobility, Noble birth, Nobleness, Noblesse, Noblesse de robe, Old nobility, Output, Overlord, Paramount, Payment, Peerage, Percentage, Petty king, Potentate, Prince, Prince consort, Proceeds, Produce, Profits, Quality, Queenhood, Queenship, Rajaship, Rake-off, Rank, Receipt, Receipts, Receivables, Regnancy, Returns, Revenue, Royal, Royal personage, Royalties, Ruler, Share, Sovereign, Sovereignty, Sultanate, Sultanship, Suzerain, Take, Take-in, Takings, Tetrarch, The Four Hundred, The classes, The crown, The throne, Unearned income, Upper classes, Upper crust, Upper ten, Upper ten thousand, Uppercut, Yield, Monarch, Sovereign, King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Tsar, Tsarina, Prince, Princess, Potentate, Head of state, Leader, Chief, Ruler, Lord, Overlord, Stateliness, Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp, Solemnity, Grandeur, Grandness, Splendour, Resplendence, Glory, Impressiveness, Superbness, Awesomeness, Awe, Loftiness, Sublimity, Regalness, Regality, Royalty, Royalness, Kingliness, Queenliness, Nobility, Nobleness, Augustness, Exaltedness, Exaltation, Pride

How to use Royalty in a sentence?

  1. Diplomats, heads of state, and royalty shared tables at the banquet.
  2. The unstable government has been reliant on Australian troops, police and economic aid, a situation ruthlessly exploited by Canberra in the dispute over royalties and sovereignty.
  3. You may end up getting a royalty if you come up with something really catchy that stays as part of the culture for a long time.
  4. The song was so successful twenty years after the recording of their first hit, the band still received a royalty .
  5. I was glad that we had a royalty system working for us and would be making a lot of money over time.
  6. The royalties paid to writers for recorded music.

Meaning of Royalty & Royalty Definition