Definition of Routine:

  1. A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.

  2. Organize according to a routine.

  3. Unvarying repetition of a procedure.

  4. Performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.

  5. Activity performed at fixed or regular intervals.

Synonyms of Routine

Procedure, Practice, Pattern, Drill, Regime, Regimen, Groove, Indian file, MO, Accustomed, Act, Afterpiece, Algorithm, Approach, Arranged, Arrangement, Array, Articulation, Assigned, Attack, Automatic, Average, Banal, Bank, Beat, Beaten, Beaten path, Besetting, Bit, Boring, Bureaucracy, Bureaucratism, Businesslike, Buzz, Catena, Catenation, Central, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Chaser, Chinoiserie, Cliched, Common, Concatenation, Concord, Connection, Consecution, Constant, Continuum, Conventional, Course, Current, Curtain, Curtain call, Curtain raiser, Custom, Customary, Cycle, Daily grind, Deployment, Descent, Designated, Disposal, Disposition, Divertimento, Divertissement, Dominant, Drill, Drone, Endless belt, Endless round, Epidemic, Epilogue, Everyday, Exode, Exodus, Expository scene, Familiar, Fashion, File, Filiation, Finale, Form, Formal, Formation, Formula, Frequent, Frequentative, Gamut, Gradation, Grind, Groove, Guise, Habit, Habitual, Hackneyed, Harmonious, Harmony, Hoke act, Hum, In hand, Interlude, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermezzo, Intermission, Introduction, Jog trot, Layout, Line, Line of action, Lineage, Lines, Lineup, Manner, Manner of working, Many, Many times, Marshaling, Mean, Means, Mechanical, Medial, Median, Mediocre, Medium, Method, Methodical, Methodology, Middle-of-the-road, Middling, Mode, Mode of operation, Mode of procedure, Moderate, Modus operandi, Monotone, Monotonous, Nexus, Normal, Not rare, Number, Of common occurrence, Oft-repeated, Oftentime, Order, Ordered, Orderly, Ordinary, Organization, Pandemic, Part, Pattern, Peace, Pendulum, Performance, Perfunctory, Periodicity, Persistent, Piece, Plain, Plan, Plenum, Popular, Powder train, Practice, Predominant, Predominating, Prevailing, Prevalent, Procedure, Proceeding, Process, Programmed, Progression, Prologue, Proportion, Queue, Quiet, Quietude, Rampant, Range, Rank, Recurrence, Recurrent, Recurring, Red tape, Red-tapeism, Regnant, Regular, Regularity, Reigning, Repetitive, Reticulation, Rife, Rotation, Rote, Round, Row, Ruling, Run, Run-of-the-mill, Running, Rut, Scale, Scene, Schedule, Scheduled, Sequence, Series, Setup, Shtick, Single file, Sketch, Skit, Song and dance, Spectrum, Squirrel cage, Stand-up comedy act, Standard, Steady, Stereotyped, String, Striptease, Structure, Style, Succession, Swath, Symmetrical, Symmetry, System, Systematic, Tack, Technique, Tedious, The drill, The how, The way of, Thick-coming, Thing, Thread, Tier, Tiresome, Tone, Track, Train, Tranquillity, Treadmill, Trite, Turn, Unchanging, Uneventful, Uniform, Uniformity, Unimaginative, Uninteresting, Unvaried, Unvarying, Usage, Usual, Way, Well-ordered, Well-regulated, Well-trodden, Well-worn, Well-worn groove, Windrow, Wise, Wont, Wonted, Standard, Regular, Customary, Accustomed, Normal, Usual, Ordinary, Established, Natural, Unexceptional, Typical

How to use Routine in a sentence?

  1. The principal insisted that this was just a routine annual drill.
  2. Despite the setback involving that couples car moments ago, the squirrel had already resumed his daily food gathering routine , eager for more nuts.
  3. Keeping a good daily routine can help to have your office running smoothly and efficiently and always be on top of their game.
  4. My routine every day is to wake up, brush my teeth, take a shower, and drive to school. If I deviate from this, I feel like there is something missing from my day.
  5. I settled down into a routine of work and sleep.

Meaning of Routine & Routine Definition