Routine Transactions

Routine Transactions,

What is The Definition of Routine Transactions?

Recurring financial activities that appear in the accounting record during the normal course of business.

Literal Meanings of Routine Transactions


Meanings of Routine:
  1. A regular set of processes after a set schedule.

  2. It is made as part of the process and for no particular reason.

  3. Get back to normal.

Sentences of Routine
  1. I started a work and sleep routine.

  2. The director insisted that this was just an annual exercise routine

Synonyms of Routine

groove, drill, normal, regular, ordinary, standard, accustomed, regime, procedure, practice, established, usual, regimen, natural, unexceptional, pattern, typical, customary


Meanings of Transactions:
  1. Examples of buying or selling something.

  2. Publication of minutes of scientific meetings.

  3. Message input for a computer system that is considered a unit of work.

Sentences of Transactions
  1. Delivery date is very important in normal business transactions

  2. In 1938, in the transaction of the Fraud Society, Mott and Littleton published an important article on calculating the energy of error in NaCl.

  3. Current transactions

Synonyms of Transactions

arrangement, contract, settlement, deal, bond, treaty, compact, matters, activities, affair, business, negotiation, dealings, affairs, agreement, bargain, proceedings, undertaking, pact, concerns