Routine And Preventative Treatment

Routine And Preventative Treatment,

What Does Routine And Preventative Treatment Mean?

  1. Routine And Preventative Treatment means, Routine and preventive care includes things like vaccinations, castration, sterilization and flea and insect treatments. These or other conditions that result from this and other precautionary and routine care are not included in our guidelines.

Literal Meanings of Routine And Preventative Treatment


Meanings of Routine:
  1. Organize yourself as usual.

  2. The regular execution order follows a set schedule.

  3. It is made as part of the process and for no particular reason.

Sentences of Routine
  1. I started a work and sleep routine.

  2. The director insisted that this was just an annual exercise routine

Synonyms of Routine

typical, customary, groove, practice, usual, pattern, regime, ordinary, accustomed, regimen, natural, established, procedure, standard, regular, unexceptional, drill, normal


Meanings of And:
  1. Boolean operator who returns if and only if all the work is the same and zero.

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Sentences of And
  1. If it was an option and it was the worst, he would have left his parents

Synonyms of And

not to mention, as well as, and, besides, including, added to, together with, with, also, too, in addition to, along with, coupled with


Meanings of Preventative:
  1. Medicines or other treatments designed to prevent illness or health problems.

  2. Designed to prevent adverse events such as illness, injury or accident.

Sentences of Preventative
  1. Many precautions are necessary

Synonyms of Preventative

obstructive, pre-emptive, protective measure, obstruction, security, curb, block, preventive measure, protection, restraint, impediment, deterrent, defence, check, safeguard, preventive, precautionary measure, hindrance, inhibitory


Sentences of Treatment
  1. The directive calls for equal treatment for men and women

Synonyms of Treatment

usage of, behaviour towards, use of, action towards, conduct towards