Definition of Router:

  1. Software/hardware device that (like a telephone exchange) directs data traffic between two or more networks. Routers range from small switches to large, stand-alone, dedicated computers, and often also provide additional services such as firewall, load balancing, network partitioning, trouble shooting. See also bridge, gateway, and hub.

  2. A power tool with a shaped cutter, used in carpentry for making grooves for joints, decorative moldings, etc.

How to use Router in a sentence?

  1. He needs a variety of power tools, drills, routers, circular saws, jigsaws and packets of blades.
  2. In order to use the internet, I had to reset my router because the internet did not work and resetting it always worked.
  3. You need to keep a spare router at your office just in case your primary one breaks during the day.
  4. It is a good idea to have more than one router on hand so that if one breaks you have one ready to go.

Meaning of Router & Router Definition

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What is Router?

  • Router means, A device that connects two or more computer networks and transmits data between them.

Meanings of Router

  1. Used in carpentry to make grooves for electric tools, joints, molds, etc. with profiled cutters.

  2. A device that sends data packets to an appropriate part of a computer network.

Sentences of Router

  1. You will need a variety of power tools, drills, routers, circular saws, jigs and blade sets.

  2. By sending the wrong control messages, attackers can cause devices such as VoIP routers to reload devices running weak software.