Definition of Round:

  1. Alternate term for rotation.

Synonyms of Round

Make a circuit, Whack, Turn about, Broad, Unconditioned, Wrangle, Dominion, Aureole, Catch, Step stool, Full to bursting, Swirl, Chateaubriand, Definite, Ringlike, Spell, Corona, Herd, Crook, Through, Wet, Chain reaction, In the vicinity, Assemble, Flight path, Slick, Area, Rank, Buzz, Trump, Absolute, Unvarnished, Unqualified, Full, Smooth, Backhanded, Guzzle, Circumambulate, Deuce, Drink, Sea lane, Exact, Annulate, Decisive, Circumvent, Orb, Ring, Out-and-out, All over, Lap, Whirl, Annular muscle, Trick, Indisputable, Suck, Coronary, Flank, On all sides, Shot, Catena, Fugato, Full circle, Without reserve, Implicit, Maelstrom, Cut, Plenum, Charybdis, Finish, Straight-out, Squirrel cage, Blunt, Deviative, Brusque, Border, Spot, Spheroid, Turn tail, Windrow, Rut, Nuance, Sonorous, SRO, Nexus, Short ribs, Restrained, Reverberant, Measure, Chance, Polished, Eternal return, Round trip, Dizzy round, Bulging, Train, Discursive, Graceful, Degree, Orbicular, Unreserved, Joker, Sequence, Unrestrained, Reflex, Thread, Retroflex, Stepping-stone, Orotund, King, Stave, Diastole, Turn round, Peg, Girdle the globe, Extent, Periodicity, Sup, Flat, Perspicuous, Borderland, Tasteful, Playing cards, Demesne, Rest, Pellucid, Plenary, Digressive, Straight, Tenderloin, Spate, Chain, Ring-shaped, Logical circle, Ready to burst, Loop, Helical, Picture cards, Connection, Bullet, Bend, Global, Rump, Come full circle, Roundel, Opportunity, Crammed, Bureaucracy, Veer around, Spin, Charge, Ribs, Curvilinear, Go the round, Time, Embow, Judicial circuit, Close about, Annular, Flat-out, Place, Pure, Single file, Fixed, Veer, Pivot about, In circles, Pas, Shoulder, Approximately, Rubber, Routine, Return, Annulose, Ingenuous, Simple, Catenation, Notch, Arena, Draft, Precinct, Free-tongued, Shade, Round and round, Circumnavigate, Indian file, Arched, Rack, Replete, Unlabored, Gyre, Reverberating, Crownlike, Best bower, Chuck-full, Chuck roast, Entire, Progression, Plane, Crank, Circuiteer, Unembellished, Wamble, Circumvolution, Girdle, Thesis, Counterclockwise, Disc, Recurrence, Noose, Eddy, Grind, Gyrate, Widdershins, Interval, Rotate, Brimful, Twist, Circuitous, Snifter, Drone, Swig, Ambagious, Genuine, Round up, Groove, Powder train, Deviating, Free-spoken, Pot roast, Chaste, Ratio, Rotation, Orbital, March, Heel, In a spin, Gyration, Fetch about, Hunch, Trim, Without exception, Pivot, Downright, Sweep, Nearby, Packed, Excursive, Gather, Globate, Swill, Definitive, Libation, Heat, Skirt, Flex, Height, In a circle, Cone, About, Capacity, Pale, Chaining, Coronet, Conclusive, Space, Near, Hum, Circuit, Systole, Stint, Incurve, Unequivocal, Whirlwind, Bank, Rat race, Close the circle, Hemisphere, Sleek, Roundelay, Reel, Circle, Unwaivable, Rung, Farci, Hook, Garland, File, Rounds, Endless round, Vault, Outspoken, Primrose path, Categorical, Curve, Subdiscipline, Roast, Peremptory, Circumference, Again, Doorstep, Wheel, Surround, Round out, Almost, Discipline, Circulate, Precise, Sip, Unaffected, Globular, Crown, Run, Chock-full, Hand, Swivel, Indirect, Ciceronian, Describe a circle, Ensphere, Honest, Terse, Annulus, Gradation, Natural, Circummigrate, Rump roast, Corner, Mark, Go round, Rounded out, Heels over head, Easy, Row, Royal flush, Knuckle, Lucid, Daily grind, Array, Standing room only, Wreath, Twirl, Articulation, Tier, Unchecked, Remove, Round a point, Proportion, In the neighborhood, Knave, Department, Standard, Mellifluous, Bellylike, Final, Inappealable, Shell, Double a point, Fairy ring, Come about, Time at bat, Swing, Fugue, Bluff, Plain-spoken, Succession, Disk, Revolution, Stage, Approximate, Sphincter, Treadmill, Areola, Pair, Plate piece, Congested, Free-speaking, Rondelet, Gurge, Enclosing, Air lane, Inflect, Diamonds, Pack, Chuck, Gracile, Red-tapeism, Curl, Sirloin, Muster, Spherical, Explicit, Unmistakable, Unmitigated, Curvation, Deflect, Incurvate, Dome, By, Shoulder clod, Plate, Orbit, Red tape, Rounded, Go about, Burst, Bow, Circumvolute, Refined, Itinerary, Total, Roundabout, Riser, Period, Encompass, Devious, Rondure, Truthful, Convex, Bend back, Frankhearted, Whirlpool, Rondino, Frank, Route, Express, Rib roast, Neat, Radius, Encircling, Turn, Throughout, Cold cuts, Stuffed, Mellow, Free, Jog trot, Bellied, Brisket, Leap, Classic, Grade, Pulse, Soaked, Ruff, Turn a corner, Circuitously, Meandering, Flush, Sphere, Bead, Round a corner, Tread, Sag, Rough, Spoke, Path, Cycle, Rondelle, Decurve, Over, Point, Pitch, String, Attic, Disklike, Rotary, Vicious circle, Rondoletto, Trajet, Surge, Trade route, Back, Cyclic, Scale, Level, Gird, Circular, Continuum, Unlimited, Hoop, Domain, Well-worn groove, Positive, Loin, Shank, Rolled roast, Satiated, Circumrotate, Overfull, Cycloid, Say, Drench, Concatenation, Globe, Nigh, Circinate, Turn a pirouette, Round of drinks, Step, Discoid, As good as, Well-nigh, Filet mignon, Province, Footrest, Field, Traject, Bailiwick, Recurve, Bout, Backward, Wind, Unrestricted, Encircle, Wheel about, Pirouette, Nip, Unguarded, Queue, Spiral, Marshal, Outburst, Openhearted, Vibrant, Rondeau, Swath, Potion, Volley, End, Utter, Dram, Consecution, Left bower, Forthright, Bursting, Saucer, Rich, O-shaped, Pull, Refine, Finished, Admitting no exception, Aside, Arch, Transparent, All but, Jack, Road, Clubs, Globe-shaped, Curved, Canon, Stair, Jolt, Swag, Magic circle, Relief, Swing round, Bureaucratism, Circulation, Globelike, Trey, Saddle, Open, Clockwise, Tour, Packed like sardines, Vortex, Gamut, Candid, Anticlockwise, Track, Circus, Direct, Chaplet, Beside, Unconditional, Most, Limpid, Orbiting, Topful, Face cards, Glory, Amount, Trajectory, Arc, Screw, Beat, Spectrum, Dummy, Hump, Go, Practically, Ace, Jurisdiction, Fill out, Discus, Range, Reticulation, Unhesitating, Sincere, Close, Chinoiserie, Deck, Whole, All-out, Diadem, Lineage, O, Singleton, Line, Breast, Looplet, Plain, Unconstrained, Queen, Oblique, Plateau, Revolve, Collect, Jam-packed, Monotone, Reach, Shadow, Unhampered, Gargle, Filiation, Cartridge, Footstep, Endless belt, Snort, Inning, Innings, Round about, Cards, Out-of-the-way, Downbeat, Halo, Brimming, Potation, Full house, Determinate, Straightforward, Cram-full, Compass, Caliber, Just about, Shortcut, Lasso, Overstuffed, Begird, Head over heels, Go around, Elegant, Rundle, Spades, Hearts, Ambit, Bower, Blade roast, Closed circle, Uncircumscribed, Round a bend, Course, In reverse, Series, Perfect, Complete, Pendulum, Outright, Rotund, Ball, Troll, Jigger, Saturated, Swollen, Drop, Decided, Artless, Clear, Realm, Reflect, Rondo, Turn around, Scope, In a whirl, Put about, Arsis, Upbeat, Undoubting, Heart-to-heart, Walk, Around, Unquestioning, Surfeited, Filled, Clod, Beaten path, Descent, Spheroidal, Hem

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