Definition of Rough:

  1. Early version of an artwork, advertisement layout, or a commercial-script or storyboard, used in crystallizing the main theme and obtaining clients preliminary approval.

Synonyms of Rough

Babbitt, Herculean, Philistine, Spartan, Abrupt, Abstruse, Abuse, Acerb, Acerbic, Acid, Acidulous, Acrid, Acrimonious, Acute, Aggressive, Agitated, Amaroidal, Approximate, Arduous, Arrested, Arriviste, Asperous, Assault, Astringent, Attack, Austere, Backward, Bad, Batter, Battler, Bearish, Beastly, Beat up, Belabor, Belligerent, Belted knight, Bickerer, Biting, Bitter, Bitter as gall, Blade, Block out, Blueprint, Bluff, Blunt, Blustering, Blustery, Boisterous, Boor, Boss, Bouncy, Bounder, Bourgeois, Brash, Brassy, Bravo, Brawler, Brazen, Brief, Broken, Broken ground, Broken water, Brokenly, Brouillon, Bruise, Brusque, Brutal, Brutally, Brutishly, Bucko, Buffet, Bully, Bullyboy, Bumpy, Cacophonous, Cad, Capricious, Careening, Cartoon, Catchy, Caustic, Cavalier, Changeable, Changing, Chart, Choked, Chop, Choppily, Choppy, Churl, Churlish, Clown, Coarse, Coarse-grained, Coarsen, Combatant, Competitor, Complex, Contender, Contestant, Copy, Corduroy, Corduroy road, Corrugated, Corrugation, Cracked, Cragged, Craggy, Crass, Critical, Croaking, Croaky, Cross-grained, Crude, Cruel, Crusty, Cursory, Curt, Cutthroat, Cutting, Delicate, Delineation, Demanding, Design, Desperado, Desultory, Deviating, Deviative, Deviatory, Devil, Diagram, Different, Difficile, Difficult, Dirty, Disconnected, Discontinuous, Discordant, Discourteous, Disorderly, Disputant, Disrespectful, Divaricate, Divergent, Diversified, Do violence to, Do wrong by, Do wrong to, Double-edged, Dour, Draft, Drastic, Drawing, Dry, Duelist, Earthy, Ebauche, Eccentric, Edged, Elevation, Embryonic, Enforcer, Epicier, Erose, Erratic, Escharotic, Esquisse, Exacting, Excessive, Exorbitant, Extravagant, Extreme, Fencer, Feuder, Fierce, Fighter, Fighting cock, Figure, Firm, Fitful, Flickering, Fluctuating, Foggy, Foilsman, Formidable, Formless, Furious, Gamecock, Gaudy, General, Gladiator, Gnarl, Goon, Goose bumps, Goose pimples, Gooseflesh, Gorilla, Grained, Grainy, Granular, Granulate, Granulated, Graph, Grating, Great, Grim, Gritty, Gross, Ground plan, Groundling, Gruff, Gunman, Guttering, Guttersnipe, Guttural, Hairy, Halting, Hard, Hard-earned, Hard-fought, Harsh, Harsh-sounding, Harum-scarum, Hasty, Hatchet man, Hazy, Heavy, Hell-raiser, Hellcat, Herky-jerky, Heteroclite, Hoarse, Homespun, Hood, Hooligan, Horripilant, Horripilate, Horripilation, House plan, Husky, Ichnography, Ill-bred, Ill-bred fellow, Ill-mannered, Ill-treat, Ill-use, Immethodical, Immoderate, Imperfect, Impolite, Improper, Impulsive, In embryo, In ovo, In the rough, Incisive, Inclement, Incomplete, Inconsiderate, Inconsistent, Inconstant, Indecent, Indelicate, Inelegant, Inequal, Inexact, Inharmonious, Injure, Intemperate, Intense, Intermittent, Intermitting, Intricate, Ironbound, Irregular, Irregularly, Irritating, Jagged, Jaggedly, Jarring, Jawbreaking, Jerky, Jogglety, Joggling, Joggly, Jolting, Jolty, Jouster, Keen, Killer, Knight, Knob, Knock about, Knock-down-and-drag-out, Knockabout, Knotted, Knotty, Laborious, Lambaste, Lay on, Linsey-woolsey, Looby, Lop, Loud, Lout, Loutish, Low fellow, Lumpy, Lurching, Mad dog, Malodorous, Maltreat, Manhandle, Mark out, Maul, Mean, Mercurial, Meretricious, Metallic, Militant, Mishandle, Mistreat, Mock-up, Molest, Mordacious, Mordant, Motley, Mucker, Mug, Mutable, No picnic, Nonconformist, Nonstandard, Nonuniform, Nose-tickling, Not easy, Nouveau riche, Obscene, Operose, Outline, Outrage, Outrageous, Oversimple, Parvenu, Patchy, Pattern, Peasant, Penetrating, Piercing, Pimple, Pimply, Piquant, Pitted, Plot, Plug-ugly, Pluralistic, Pocky, Poignant, Pommel, Pornographic, Potholed, Profile, Projection, Proximate, Pummel, Pungent, Punk, Quarreler, Quick, Ragged, Raggedly, Raging, Rambling, Rambunctious, Rampageous, Rank, Rasping, Raucid, Raucous, Raw, Reductionistic, Reductive, Ribald, Ridiculous, Rigorous, Rioter, Ripple, Ripply, Rival, Roiled, Roisterous, Rollicking, Rotten, Rough draft, Rough up, Rough-and-ready, Rough-and-tumble, Rough-cast, Rough-grained, Rough-hewn, Roughcast, Roughen, Roughhewn, Roughly, Roughneck, Roupy, Rowdy, Rude, Rudimental, Rudimentary, Ruffian, Ruffled, Rugged, Rutted, Rutty, Sabreur, Sandpaper, Savage, Savagely, Scabrous, Scathing, Scraggy, Scrapper, Scrappy, Scuffler, Set with thorns, Severe, Shagged, Shaggy, Shapeless, Sharp, Short, Simplistic, Skeleton, Sketch, Sketchy, Smutty, Snatchy, Snippy, Solid, Sour, Spasmatic, Spasmic, Spasmodic, Spastic, Spiny, Splitting, Sporadic, Spotty, Squabbler, Squawking, Squawky, Stabbing, Staggering, Steep, Stern, Stertorous, Stinging, Stormy, Strangled, Strenuous, Strident, Stridulous, Stringent, Strong arm, Strong-arm man, Strong-armer, Struggler, Stud, Stunted, Surly, Swashbuckler, Sword, Swordplayer, Swordsman, Table, Tart, Tempestuous, Textured, Thick, Thorny, Thrash, Throaty, Thug, Ticklish, Tilter, Tinny, Toilsome, Tough, Trace, Trenchant, Tricksy, Tricky, Truculent, Trying, Turbulent, Tussler, Unbecoming, Unblown, Uncertain, Uncivil, Uncivilized, Uncompleted, Unconscionable, Uncouth, Uncultivated, Uncultured, Uncut, Undecorous, Underdeveloped, Undeveloped, Undressed, Unequable, Unequal, Uneven, Unevenly, Unfair, Unfashioned, Unfeeling, Unfinished, Unformed, Unfortunate, Ungentle, Ungentlemanly, Ungodly, Ungracious, Unhewn, Unjust, Unkempt, Unlabored, Unladylike, Unlevel, Unlicked, Unlucky, Unmethodical, Unmetrical, Unmusical, Unorthodox, Unpleasant, Unpolished, Unprocessed, Unrefined, Unregular, Unrhythmical, Unseemly, Unsettled, Unshaped, Unsmooth, Unsparing, Unstable, Unsteady, Unsystematic, Untreated, Ununiform, Unworked, Unwrought, Uphill, Upstart, Vague, Variable, Variegated, Variform, Various, Varying, Veering, Vehement, Venomous, Violent, Violently, Virulent, Vitriolic, Vulgar, Vulgarian, Vulgarist, Wallop, Wandering, Washboard, Wavering, Wicked, Wild, Wimpled, Wobbling, Wobbly, Working drawing, Wrangler, Yahoo, Yokel

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