Definition of Rough:

  1. The first version of a work of art, advertising design or business script or storyboard that crystallizes the main idea statement on the main theme and obtains prior approval from the client.

Synonyms of Rough

Ill-bred, Virulent, Tussler, Untreated, Varying, Escharotic, Pitted, Upstart, Unfashioned, Pimply, Hasty, Trenchant, Changeable, Broken water, Brutishly, Pommel, Operose, Exacting, Cragged, Knotted, Erratic, Blustering, Agitated, In ovo, Quarreler, Pummel, Grating, Yahoo, Mean, Bounder, Undeveloped, Intense, Outrageous, Drastic, Rough-and-tumble, Babbitt, Unsettled, Joggly, Unlevel, Duelist, Wobbly, Rampageous, Unrefined, Biting, Inequal, Acerbic, Steep, Edged, Divergent, Rudimental, Broken, Hazy, Immoderate, Variegated, Laborious, Divaricate, Hard-earned, Roughly, Brash, Strangled, Scabrous, Punk, Ripple, Brutal, Unwrought, Proximate, ■■■■■■■, Pimple, Cracked, Crude, Stinging, Design, Solid, Obscene, Hoarse, Not easy, Unsystematic, Profile, Homespun, Bruise, Dry, Vehement, Halting, Delicate, Uncouth, Horripilation, Stertorous, Rough up, In embryo, Esquisse, Rough-and-ready, Sword, Crass, Ungentlemanly, Intricate, Vitriolic, Rude, Rioter, Inelegant, Austere, Granulate, Brusque, Harum-scarum, Unjust, Graph, Tricksy, Draft, Spotty, Unlucky, Bitter, Mutable, Stunted, Textured, Mishandle, Tough, Stud, Inconsistent, Rank, Unlicked, Ribald, Acrid, Asperous, Sharp, Mad dog, Scraggy, Unshaped, Arrested, Coarsen, Lurching, Sketch, Severe, Brief, Drawing, Jagged, Roiled, Intermitting, Acute, Unstable, Bullyboy, Fencer, Parvenu, Wild, Strenuous, Disputant, Cavalier, Impulsive, Belabor, Gritty, Diagram, Unequable, Turbulent, Roupy, Nose-tickling, Rudimentary, Uneven, Unworked, Roisterous, Hard-fought, Squabbler, Irregularly, Bourgeois, Approximate, Jogglety, Erose, Unconscionable, Mistreat, Disconnected, Dirty, Irregular, Extreme, Impolite, Unprocessed, Lay on, Roughneck, Formless, Piercing, Improper, Rambling, Strong-arm man, Batter, Fighting ■■■■, Scuffler, Tart, Various, Throaty, Outline, Rough-hewn, Devil, Excessive, Meretricious, Piquant, Skeleton, Sporadic, ■■■■-raiser, Enforcer, Boor, Acid, Ridiculous, Yokel, Wimpled, Bumpy, Gooseflesh, Washboard, Plug-ugly, Broken ground, Thug, Chart, Do violence to, Discontinuous, Flickering, Irritating, Foilsman, Choppy, Fierce, Inharmonious, Splitting, Croaky, Ground plan, Hatchet man, Indelicate, Lumpy, Deviatory, Unkempt, Rowdy, Harsh, Grained, Raucous, Ungodly, House plan, Roughen, Backward, Unpolished, Set with thorns, Struggler, Scathing, Wallop, Uncertain, Trying, Reductionistic, Ironbound, Spasmatic, Belligerent, Uphill, Acidulous, Truculent, Rough-grained, Attack, Clown, Groundling, Contender, Undecorous, Unsparing, Unorthodox, Bucko, Combatant, Brawler, Roughcast, Cartoon, Acerb, Jouster, Ill-bred fellow, Maul, Granular, Raggedly, Lambaste, Gross, Bluff, Tempestuous, Brazen, Stabbing, Abuse, Knockabout, Capricious, Intermittent, Cruel, Cacophonous, Acrimonious, Desperado, Cad, Trace, Looby, Bad, Squawky, Ragged, Thrash, Intemperate, Peasant, Short, Variform, Uncultured, Difficile, Abrupt, Raging, Diversified, Desultory, Deviative, Feuder, Knock-down-and-drag-out, Grim, Gamecock, Mug, Hellcat, Crusty, Boss, Incisive, Demanding, Potholed, Raw, Inconsiderate, Rambunctious, Do wrong by, Nonconformist, Rough draft, Guttersnipe, Coarse, Block out, Rival, Churl, Unmusical, Rotten, Blunt, Nonstandard, Churlish, Staggering, Unblown, Astringent, Pocky, Uncivilized, Gunman, Earthy, Disrespectful, Competitor, Scrappy, Simplistic, Stormy, Hooligan, Great, Craggy, Ill-treat, Immethodical, Inconstant, Unfortunate, Violently, Aggressive, Unevenly, Double-edged, Unhewn, Rigorous, Undressed, Buffet, Jolty, Mark out, Rough-cast, Stringent, Harsh-sounding, Vulgarist, Lop, Disorderly, Arduous, Bitter as gall, Snatchy, Smutty, Goose pimples, Blade, Beat up, Projection, Loutish, Corrugated, Thick, Furious, Gorilla, Cross-grained, Quick, Brassy, Critical, Extravagant, Knotty, Changing, Unmetrical, Indecent, Pornographic, Unpleasant, Herky-jerky, Belted knight, Scrapper, Do wrong to, Dour, Sabreur, Corduroy, Knock about, Motley, Coarse-grained, Shapeless, Heteroclite, Ichnography, Variable, Horripilant, Unmethodical, Spasmic, Plot, Table, Unsteady, Catchy, Unfair, Strident, Loud, Blueprint, Savage, Uncivil, Spiny, Ill-use, Nouveau riche, General, Sketchy, Herculean, Manhandle, Poignant, Working drawing, Rugged, Wrangler, Shagged, Horripilate, Granulated, Hard, Cutting, Ticklish, Bravo, Firm, Gaudy, Beastly, Swordplayer, Unfeeling, Reductive, Tricky, Elevation, Unregular, Joggling, Ruffled, Foggy, Mucker, Battler, Corrugation, Penetrating, Hairy, Sour, Wavering, Bickerer, Goon, Deviating, Mordacious, Stridulous, Roughhewn, Swashbuckler, Rasping, Lout, Guttural, Uncompleted, Toilsome, Ungentle, Philistine, Wandering, Exorbitant, Complex, Incomplete, Unlabored, Jolting, Choked, Knight, Curt, Caustic, Shaggy, Low fellow, Vulgar, Thorny, Bully, Inexact, ■■■■■, Gladiator, In the rough, Jerky, Blustery, Strong-armer, Wicked, Fluctuating, Contestant, Choppily, Arriviste, Patchy, Tinny, Veering, Pattern, Brouillon, Ruffian, Unfinished, Pluralistic, Ripply, Outrage, Killer, Uncut, Mordant, Brokenly, No picnic, Mercurial, ■■■■■■, Delineation, Inclement, Ungracious, Guttering, Boisterous, Unseemly, Heavy, Vague, Brutally, Savagely, Rutted, Epicier, Unbecoming, Figure, Injure, Uncultivated, Formidable, Goose bumps, Difficult, Jarring, Croaking, Sandpaper, Linsey-woolsey, Spastic, Keen, Gnarl, Corduroy road, Malodorous, Snippy, Mock-up, Cutthroat, Unrhythmical, Jawbreaking, Embryonic, Cursory, Bearish, Copy, Spasmodic, Unsmooth, Gruff, Swordsman, Raucid, Violent, Fitful, Strong arm, Chop, Militant, Tilter, Underdeveloped, Eccentric, Jaggedly, Ill-mannered, Unladylike, Venomous, Bouncy, Imperfect, Discordant, Wobbling, Surly, Discourteous, Hood, Grainy, Knob, Pungent, Rollicking, Amaroidal, Fighter, Different, Ebauche, Metallic, Vulgarian, Spartan, Maltreat, Stern, Abstruse, Oversimple, Rutty, Careening, Nonuniform, Squawking, Unformed, Unequal, Ununiform

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