Rosquitos De Vino

Rosquitos De Vino

Does anyone know the recipe for Mendoza Wine Donuts? Thank you very much !!!? 3

Donut wine


1 fresh egg

1 cup moyloin.

2 cups oil

5 cups sugar


Yeast ..

Lemon peel


Mix the eggs in a glass of melted oil and cool.

Add sugar, lemon juice, yeast and flour as needed to make a fine dough.

Work the dough until you see your fingers. Let stand a few times, cover with a clean cloth.

Take some flour, make a thin circle and cover with a circle. Prepare a frying pan with oil and fry the donuts. Remove, place in a container and sprinkle with sugar. Allow to cool before eating.

Alcohol donuts


کلو. Flour mixture,

60 grams of margarine,

Wine glass,

1 tbsp. Carbonate,

1 cup sugar


Make soft dough with all the ingredients and add donuts. Cook on a soft, buttered plate. Then brush the syrup with cinnamon and sprinkle with sugar.

Alcohol donuts


* 1 cup sugar in the car

* 1 cup sunflower acetate

* 1 cup white wine

* Vanilla (vanilla) and / or pineapple essence

* Dough with yeast which allows to reach the desired consistency.


Mix 1 sugar in oil.

2 Combine white wine with essence and construction.

3 Sift the flour and add it slowly until the dough is too hard. That should be sufficient enough to make a donut.

Arrange 4 donuts.

Place 5 rno on the plate.

6 Let it sit in a preheated oven at room temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes. It depends on how you decide your Rno. Eye !! Make sure they don't burn !!

7 Remove and paint with nail polish, syrup, sugar, etc. ..... or one!

la, I did the same black

Rosquitos De Vino

Rosquitos De Vino

Donut wine

1 kg For flour

4 2 pieces (stuffed) with 0.4 hot oil.

1 glass of white wine.

Cinnamon powder

2 pebbles

In a bowl, make a volcano with a kilo of flour and slowly add hot oil. After mixing the oil with the flour, white wine is added to the previous flour. Once everything is crushed, make a hole in the middle and mix the cinnamon and two orange peels. The meat is heated, rolls are prepared and placed in a meat bowl with parchment paper, when heated it is served and kept on medium heat (cooked at 180 for about 25 minutes). Is), when it is good (Dorditus) is mixed with sugar. And cinnamon.

Rosquitos De Vino