Rorschach test

Rorschach test,

Definition of Rorschach test:

  1. Projective (based on the subjects frank responses to stimuli) personality assessment technique in which a subject is shown 10 standard pictures of inkblots five black and white, three black and red, and two of a same color. The subject is asked to speak freely (in as many interpretations as he or she wants to make) the images and emotions evoked by each inkblot seen as a whole or in parts. Invented about 90 years ago by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922), it is still hugely popular despite lacking any credible evidence of its scientific validity testimony to power of the myth that psychological tests can reveal something about people what the people cannot figure out themselves.

  2. A type of projective test used in psychoanalysis, in which a standard set of symmetrical ink blots of different shapes and colors is presented one by one to the subject, who is asked to describe what they suggest or resemble.

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  1. Donnelly liaises with Amory Clarke, a psychologist at the Maudsley Hospital in London, who also advocates Rorschach tests, and the two have been planning a joint study.

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