Root (device)

Root (device)

Rooting is the process of removing the restrictions that Google imposes on Android devices. You have root access to your device. It is designed to detect rogue applications, firmware updates, operating system updates, etc.

Literal Meanings of Root (device)


Meanings of Root:
  1. Basically, the subterranean part of the plant that anchors and supports the plant body, absorbs and stores water and nutrients, and in some plants is capable of vegetative propagation.

  2. Tubers.

  3. The part of a tooth that fits into the and holds the tooth in place.

  4. The part of the hair under the skin that holds the hair in place.

  5. The part of hair closest to the skin that has not been dyed, permed, or otherwise processed.

  6. Origin of the original.

  7. A number or expression, a number that, when raised to the specified power, produces the specified number or expression.

  8. Square Root (turned on if power is not specified, in which case "root of" is often abbreviated to "root").

  9. Zero (comparisons).

  10. A single node in a tree that has no parent node.

  11. The main lexical unit of a word, which contains the most important aspects of its semantic content and cannot be broken down into smaller components. The bending stems often branch from the roots.

  12. (philology) A word from which one or more other words are derived.

  13. The root of any chord whose overtones or harmonics make up the chord.

  14. The lowest place, position or item.

  15. In UNIX terminology, the first user account with full access to the operating system and its configuration finds the person who manages the accounts on the UNIX system at the root of the directory tree.

  16. The top-level directory in the directory tree, which can contain files and subdirectories.

  17. The ■■■■■, especially the base of the .

  18. Roots grow to the earth, like roots to take root and grow.

  19. For preparing, controlling or otherwise stimulating the rooting of cuttings.

  20. Be securely fastened.

  21. To gain privileged or root access to a computer system or mobile phone, often by bypassing certain security mechanisms.

  22. The act of .

  23. partner.

  24. Strike or stab in the snout.

  25. (broadly) To seek favor or advancement through the lower arts or progressive servitude.

  26. Digging to search, like digging the earth.

  27. Destroy to destroy.

  28. (with or for) encourage (un)support (for) and hope for success. (See root for.).

Sentences of Root
  1. The roots of this tree can reach up to twenty meters underground.

  2. Root damage is a common problem with excessive brushing.

  3. The root is the only living part of the hair.

  4. Last month she dyed her hair to show off her gray roots.

  5. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  6. The cube root of 27 is 3.

  7. Multiply by the square root of 2.

  8. First I have to login as root.

  9. I have installed the files in the root directory.

  10. The cuttings begin to take root.

  11. Last summer we rooted several cuttings.

  12. I want to root my Android phone to remove pre-installed software.

  13. Do you want carrot?.

  14. The pig digs in the ground in search of truffles.

  15. Look through the box full of garbage.

  16. I support you, don't let me down!.

Synonyms of Root

rummage, jailbreak, root account, root out, barrack, zero, dig out, source, cheer on, etymon, root user, basis, superuser, origin, drill


Meanings of Device:
  1. Any equipment made for a specific purpose, including mechanical or electrical equipment.

  2. A device is a device.

  3. A scheme or scheme, often designed to fool a scheme.

  4. Improvised explosive, improvised .

  5. A technique used by an author or speaker to elicit an emotional response from an audience. rhetorical device.

  6. A motto, emblem, or other sign used to distinguish the wearer from others. The device differs from a badge or employment in the first place in that it is a personal decoration and not a badge worn successively by members of the same household.

  7. Ability to design an inventive device.

  8. An image used in whole or in part as a trademark or service mark.

  9. An image or logo that indicates official or exclusive authority or origin.

  10. Opinion decision.

Sentences of Device
  1. The kitchen is equipped with various built-in appliances such as a dishwasher, trash can or electric can opener.

Root (device)