Definition of Rolling:

  1. (of land) extending in gentle undulations.

  2. Done or happening in a steady and continuous way.

  3. Moving by turning over and over on an axis.

  4. Metal shaping process in which an ingot is repeatedly passed between hard rollers to get a desired shape, thickness, and surface finish.

Synonyms of Rolling

Acrobatics, Advance, Advancement, Advancing, Aerobatics, Alpen, Alpestrine, Alpigene, Alpine, Angular momentum, Angular motion, Angular velocity, Axial motion, Banking, Billowing, Billowy, Black spot, Bloom, Blooping, Booming, Bowling, Cannonading, Careening, Career, Centrifugation, Chandelle, Circulation, Circumgyration, Circumrotation, Course, Crabbing, Dangling, Definition, Dive, Diving, Fishtailing, Flare, Forward motion, Forwardal, Forwarding, Fringe area, Full, Full circle, Fulminating, Furtherance, Furthering, Ghost, Glide, Go-ahead, Granulation, Grid, Gyrating, Gyration, Hard shadow, Headway, Hilly, Image, Knobby, Lurching, March, Mellow, Monticuline, Mountained, Mountainous, Multiple image, Noise, Nose dive, Ongoing, Onward course, Passage, Pealing, Picture, Picture noise, Picture shifts, Pitching, Pivoting, Plangent, Power dive, Progress, Progression, Progressiveness, Promotion, Pull-up, Pullout, Pulsing, Pushdown, Rain, Reeling, Resonant, Resonating, Revolution, Revolving, Rich, Roaring, Rocking, Roll, Rolling on, Rotating, Rotation, Rotational motion, Rumbling, Scanning pattern, Scintillation, Shading, Sideslip, Snow, Snowstorm, Sonorous, Spin, Spinning, Spiral, Stall, Stunting, Subalpine, Surgy, Swaying, Swinging, Swirling, Swiveling, Tactical maneuvers, Throbbing, Thundering, Thunderlike, Thunderous, Thundery, Tonitruant, Tonitruous, Tossing, Travel, Trolling, Trundling, Turbination, Turning, Twirling, Undulant, Undulate, Undulated, Undulating, Undulative, Undulatory, Vibrant, Vibrating, Volleying, Volplane, Volutation, Volution, Wavy, Way, Wheeling, Whir, Whirling, Zoom

How to use Rolling in a sentence?

  1. The rolling countryside.
  2. A rolling program of reforms.
  3. A rolling ball.

Meaning of Rolling & Rolling Definition

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