Rolling stock

Rolling stock,

Definition of Rolling stock:

  1. Locomotives, carriages, wagons, or other vehicles used on a railroad.

  2. Self-propelled (such as trucks and trains) or pulled (such as trailers and coaches) transportation equipment that moves on wheels.

Synonyms of Rolling stock

Amtrak, Baggage train, Cable railroad, Choo-choo, Cog railroad, Cog railway, El, Electric, Electric train, Elevated, Express, Express train, Flier, Freight, Freight train, Freighter, Funicular, Goods train, Interurban, Lightning express, Limited, Local, Metro, Milk train, Monorail, Parliamentary, Parliamentary train, Passenger train, Rack-and-pinion railroad, Railroad train, Rattler, Shuttle, Shuttle train, Special, Streamliner, Subway, Train, Tube, Underground, Way train, Rolling stock, Trains, Locomotives, Carriages, Wagons

How to use Rolling stock in a sentence?

  1. Manufacturers rolling stock allows just in time provision of goods to wholesale and retail marketing entities in a variety of locations.
  2. Fortunately, the rolling stock equipment was able to be moved to the city where our non air conditioned warehouse was located.
  3. I bought stock in rolling stock before I realized that the new green energy bill would be a big hit to the industry; now Ive lost so much money!.
  4. Locomotive sheds and coaling facilities might cover many acres, and many companies developed manufacturing works capable of turning out locomotives and rolling stock.

Meaning of Rolling stock & Rolling stock Definition