Definition of Rollback:

  1. GATT: Removal of all trade restrictions and other such measures that are inconsistent with the provisions of GATT (now WTO) within an agreed upon timeframe.

  2. Securities: Alternative term for reverse stock split.

  3. General: Dismantling of methods, policies, plans, practices, or schemes to make way for new or altered ones.

Synonyms of Rollback

Abatement, Agio, Allowance, Backset, Backsliding, Backward motion, Backward step, Bank discount, Breakage, Cash discount, Chain discount, Charge-off, Concession, Curtailment, Cut, Cutback, Deduction, Depreciation, Discount, Drawback, Kickback, Lapse, Penalty, Penalty clause, Percentage, Premium, Price reduction, Price-cut, Pullback, Reaction, Rebate, Rebatement, Recession, Recidivation, Recidivism, Reduction, Reentry, Refluence, Reflux, Refund, Regress, Regression, Relapse, Retrenchment, Retroaction, Retrocession, Retroflexion, Retrogradation, Retrogression, Retrusion, Return, Salvage, Setback, Setoff, Sternway, Tare, Throwback, Time discount, Trade discount, Tret, Underselling, Write-off

Meaning of Rollback & Rollback Definition