Roll Yield

Roll Yield,

What is The Meaning of Roll Yield?

  • A simple definition of Roll Yield is: Roll oil is a return to the futures market after which an investor converts a short-term contract into a long-term contract and takes advantage of a spot price change in the futures price. When the futures market is cleared, the performance of the bridge is positive, which occurs when futures trades at a higher price near the expiration date when the contract expires.

    • In a long-term contract, the return of the adjustment of the forward position in the futures contract is the product of the role.
    • Positive future growth occurs when the futures market is offset, which is when long-term contracts are taken at a premium over long-term contracts.
    • When the market is in contingency, long-term contracts will be more expensive than short-term contracts and rollover returns will be negative.

Literal Meanings of Roll Yield


Meanings of Roll:
  1. Move it in a certain direction by rotating it around your axis and back.

  2. The wheels are moving.

  3. Continue rotating (slightly flexible) to form a cylinder, tube, or ball.

  4. Flattening or spreading (something) with a roller or moving it between rollers.

  5. Echoes (loud, deep sounds like thunder or drums).

  6. Rob (a person, usually when drunk or asleep)

  7. Cylinders are made by wrapping flexible material around a tube and making it solitary without twisting it.

  8. A movement in which someone or something spins or spins itself.

  9. A long, deep, resonant sound, usually produced by thunder or drums.

  10. A small piece of bread for a person to eat.

  11. Official list or list of names.

  12. Wavy landscape.

Sentences of Roll
  1. The car fell into a ditch

  2. Truck driving on the road

  3. Make a ball with a handkerchief

  4. Roll the dough on a floured surface

  5. The first thunderbolt crossed the sky

  6. Carpet roll

  7. Dice roll

  8. Thunder rolls, roll after roll

  9. Soup with Bannu

  10. There are no school lists

  11. Rolling from the refinery is hidden from the ground

Synonyms of Roll

file, coil, thunderclap, index, re-echo, turn round and round, reverberation, clap, level, steal from, furl, cruise, travel, go, fold, spin, rotate, boom, listing, catalogue, tube, echo, be carried, crack, throw, reverberate, toss, list, roar, sweep


Meanings of Yield:
  1. Prepare or deliver (natural, agricultural or industrial products)

  2. Accept arguments, demands or pressure.

  3. (Mass or structure) arises under force or pressure.

  4. Total number of agricultural or industrial products.

Sentences of Yield
  1. The earth produces wine and tobacco

  2. The Western powers gave up when they should have fought

  3. When the door opened, he stumbled out of the house

  4. Poor milk production

Synonyms of Yield

submit, afford, bestow, lay down one's arms, pull in, bring in, haul in, contribute, accept defeat, return, net, fetch, concede defeat, gather in, bend, admit defeat, realize, capitulate, quit, raise the white flag, pay out, flex, generate, bear, be flexible, provide, give up the struggle, back down, show the white flag