Roll Dog

Roll Dog

When a boy calls a girl a rolling dog or a road dog ...? 3

Or even a stray dog ​​...

What did he say about it?

How are you feeling

I thought I'd leave that question to my modern friends ...

People who respond as single and dating do not know the technical term.

He says she is a good girl. Going out, doing everything, is good with almost everyone. He doesn't usually like girlfriends.

Dog roll

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When a boy calls a girl ROLL DOG ​​or RODE DOG ...?

Or even stray dogs ...

What did he say about it?

How are you feeling

I thought I'd leave that question to my modern friends ...

People who respond as single and dating do not know the technical term.

Roll Dog

Roll Dog

Frog roll

It depends on which boy and girl he is talking about, who is a road dog or a roll dog, not a dog. The girl is not your vagina. ahaha He is basically saying that he did all this for her like Mebois, except for the male-female relationship. My wife is my road boy, she always rides and rides for me. He is a true street friend

Roll Dog

Roll Dog

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Well, keep looking at this question again, honestly if he hasn't tried to study you and just wants to hang out, it means you are just his friends and the boys are going to be girls, even if they Friendships or relationships.

And if you want to know how she feels, it's very simple, just ask, nothing better than a simple woman.

Roll Dog