Definition of Role:

  1. An actors part in a play, movie, etc.

  2. A prescribed or expected behavior associated with a particular position or status in a group or organization. See also roles.

Synonyms of Role

Part, Character, Actor, Antagonist, Antihero, Bit, Bit part, Capacity, Cast, Character, Condition, Cue, Duty, End use, Fat part, Feeder, Function, Heavy, Hero, Heroine, Immediate purpose, Impersonation, Ingenue, Job, Lead, Lead role, Leading lady, Leading man, Leading woman, Lines, Office, Operation, Operational purpose, Part, Person, Personage, Piece, Place, Position, Post, Protagonist, Province, Purpose, Quality, Relation, Responsibility, Side, Situation, Soubrette, Status, Straight part, Supporting character, Supporting role, Task, Title role, Ultimate purpose, Use, Villain, Walk-on, Walking part, Work

How to use Role in a sentence?

  1. Dietrichs role as a wife in war-torn Paris.
  2. When a single parent begins to look for someone new to date, they need to be honest about the fact that they have a child, so the date can decide if they want a role in that childs life.
  3. In his new role as Project Manager, Brian decided to make the team work over the weekend so that they could make a new software demo for the sales team.
  4. I worked hard preparing for my role and wondered if I would remember my lines during the play on opening night.

Meaning of Role & Role Definition