Definition of Role:

  1. An actor participates in dramas, films, etc.

  2. Defined or expected behavior related to a specific place or status in a group or organization. See also function.

Synonyms of Role

Quality, Ingenue, Character, Situation, Operational purpose, Piece, Office, Personage, Straight part, Leading woman, Title role, Post, Actor, Ultimate purpose, Immediate purpose, Work, Province, Impersonation, Leading lady, Lead role, Position, Supporting role, Job, Villain, Heroine, Use, Duty, Feeder, Antihero, Task, Relation, Lines, Supporting character, End use, Cast, Protagonist, Walk-on, Antagonist, Bit part, Responsibility, Condition, Cue, Lead, Place, Character, Operation, Side, Bit, Fat part, Part, Walking part, Function, Purpose, Capacity, Heavy, Person, Leading man, Part, Hero, Status, Soubrette

How to use Role in a sentence?

  1. Dietrich's role as wife in war-torn Paris.
  2. When single parents are looking for new people, they need to be honest about having children so that history can decide if they want to play a role in a child's life.
  3. In his new role as project manager, Brian has decided to keep the team on weekends to showcase the new software to the sales team.
  4. I worked hard to prepare my character and wondered if he would remember my lines during the opening game.

Meaning of Role & Role Definition

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