Rohto Eye Drops Canada

Rohto Eye Drops Canada

Are Rohto V eye drops available in Caa? 3

I live in Toronto and wanted to buy Rohto V drops, but I'm not sure if they are available at Caa =.

As a subsidiary of Rohto Pharmaceuticals, a US-based company, it is a distributor of Rohto V Drops in the United States, where you can buy drops almost anywhere.

It's not like Caa's mantle.

They offer a lot of units in the Caian market, but don't miss them.

I don't know why ask by email here:

Or via pne:

Menlatum of Caa, Ltd.

45 Hanover Drive, Drive 2

St. Catherine's, Ontario, Caa L2W 1A3

Telephone: 905.688.1665 - Fax: 905.688.2575

Toll Free: 1800.663.7246

Raw eye drops

What you have mentioned is nd name or pro name. We can find out after knowing the chemical formula.

Rohto Eye Drops Canada